East Mills High School FFA-Malvern, Iowa

(left to right)--freshman Shelby Hindman, Mr. Kirby Karwal and senior Pedro Ragazzo of the East Mills High School FFA program in Malvern.

(Malvern)--High School FFA students from around KMAland are gearing up for the Sub District Contest Wednesday, February 13th at Bedford High School.

In that mix are the young people from Kirby Karwal's FFA program at East Mills High School in Malvern.

He says preparation has been going well, despite mother nature getting in the way.

"We've had some days where we haven't had school, but most everybody's had the same situation, so we're all in the same boat," he says.

The kids have many areas of competition from which to choose.

"We have Extemporaneous Speaking, we have Prepared Public Speaking, Creed Speaking, Job Interview, Radio Broadcasting, Welding and plenty more.  It's a long list," he says.

Pedro Ragazzo is a senior foreign exchange student from Brazil who has jumped right into the Extemporaneous Speaking aspect of the competition.  He describes the process.

"You need to choose two subjects and you need to make a speech about it and you have thirty minutes to think, to answer and then make a really good body," he says.

It's been a good decision for Pedro.

"I'm trying to learn more about the farmer, about production, about technology."

Pedro, who grandfather raises oranges near Sao Paulo, Brazil, is glad he chose FFA upon arriving at East Mills.

"In FFA I'm seeing things that I never imagined I would see.  It's been a really good experience for me," he says.

Freshman Shelby Hindman is competing in the area of Prepared Public Speaking.  Her emphasis is FFA's relevance in 2019 as compared to the year it was created-1928.

She's been researching FFA's history, major events and comparing them to what's happening now in FFA.

"Some of the most interesting things that I found were when women were inducted into FFA and all the new technology that's in FFA now with the computers and phones and better ways to keep track of stuff, other events in FFA that have been added in, it's pretty cool," she says.

Shelby says she enjoys public speaking so this area of competition is a good fit for her.

If you'd like some more insights into the upcoming Sub District FFA competition from the perspective of the East Mills FFA, check out Mr. Karwal's informative video here at KMAland.com.