Sharon Oamek

Sharon Oamek with her dogs, Tucker and Dutchess atop a bluff in the Loess Hills.  Sharon owns Honey Creek Creamery, which offers delicious goat cheese and gelato two miles north of Crescent, Iowa on The Old Lincoln Highway.

(Crescent)--As we continue to celebrate June Dairy Month, don't miss all the delights available at Honey Creek Creamery, just two miles north of Crescent, Iowa on the Old Lincoln Highway.

Sharon Oamek and her family have been raising dairy goats and running the creamery in the beautiful Loess Hills since 2010.

Many flavors of goat cheeses along with delicious gelato are processed at the facility on the farm which was once a bunkhouse long ago.

Sharon milks 20 goats daily which provide ample milk for the products the Oameks offer.

Her goat breeds of choice include Alpine and Saanen. 

She says it's "four days from mom to cheese," letting us know the cheeses and gelato purchased are guaranteed farm fresh.

Two gorgeous Great Pyrenees dogs, Tucker and Dutchess, watch over the goats as they roam the picturesque Oak Savannah hillside east of the Oamek's facilities. (see video)

Sharon isn't afraid to think out of the box, as she offers "Goat Yoga" on the farm, an event that's always extremely fun and successful.

The creamery is open May through October at 25593 Old Lincoln Highway.

She is also excited to announce the opening of Stanley's Snack Shack just north of the farm, which will offer not only the aromatic cheeses and gelatos but other savory foods as well.

For more information, go to or call 402-690-9252 and for more insights, check out Sharon's informative video and audio segments below here at