Sally Brownlee

Sally Brownlee is Director of the Greater Shenandoah Historical Society and Museum.

(Shenandoah)--When you're in the Shenandoah area for this weekend's Everly Brothers Heritage Day, the 100th Anniversary Celebration of Earl May or all the fun festivities going on in Farragut, make time to take in the Greater Shenandoah Historical Museum at 800 West Sheridan Avenue.

There you'll find a vast array of quality exhibits which tell the story of Western Page County and Eastern Fremont County.

Shenandoah has a rich broadcasting history with radio stations KMA and KFNF along with at one time being the seed and nursery capital of the world.  In the museum you'll learn about Earl May, Henry Field and the radio stations that were spawned by these young broadcasting pioneers.

Take a step back in time, way back, with a look at prehistoric life in Southwest Iowa with the Columbian Mammoth skull and Native American Artifacts.

Early pioneer life is relived through the Mormon cabin from the settlement of Manti, which eventually became Shenandoah when the railroad came through the area.

Take in the agricultural area as well, where you'll see amazing artifacts like a horse-drawn corn planter, corn sheller, potato cutter, a plow, cream can, a scale, a beautiful 1908 fair poster and more.

The extensive military display is very impressive as well.

And that's just a sampling of what you'll find.

Guided tours for groups large or small are available anytime by calling the museum at 712-246-1669.  Regular hours are from 1pm to 4pm Tuesday through Friday but the museum will be open during the festivities in Shenandoah Saturday.  Call the museum for further details.

For more insights, check out Greater Shenandoah Historical Museum Director Sally Brownlee's audio and video segments below here at