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We all need to remember our past to help us move forward better in life. But that doesn’t mean we have to dwell on our past. We are nearing the end of harvest for a year that will never be forgotten for most, if not all, of ag industry. This has been one of the most troubling years for so many people. But I do feel blessed to have a crop to harvest, and we have almost completed it safely and without too much trouble so far.

We are down to the last few farms of corn. Dad harvested what my brother and I called his cover crop beans this last week. They were beans spread on wheat stubble on July 17 and worked in with a worn-out vertical tillage tool. Never would have dreamed of them producing anything. But it looks like they made about 20 bushels to the acre. “Some days, you just get lucky,” is what I told dad.

The corn is nearing the end for us. We are hopefully going to be winding down harvest this coming week. But we will see what Mother Nature has in store for us as there is snow in the forecast. That will slow things down, but with cold temps may not slow us down that much. We have started getting the tile equipment back running, but I keep getting pulled in as a trucker and combine driver, so it’s still slow. We have lots of work to get done, and I am thankful for patient customers. Life has taught me that our story is not completely written yet. But things we go through help to make us better people and guide us through life.

But one important thing to keep in mind is that what’s in our past is in our past. We need to learn from it and better ourselves. If we dwell on misfortune or failure, that is all we will have moving forward. When we allow God to work in our lives and grow from our past, there are great things in store. As we all begin to gather families for holidays, let’s all be thankful for our blessings in our lives and help each other grow from our pasts.

There is a major issue of mental health in our industry and our country. One great way to combat this issue is to talk to our families, neighbors and friends. So, pick up the phone or stop by a neighbor’s shop one morning or next rain day. Even if all you do is complain about 2019, at least you all will know were in this together.

This article originally ran on Content Exchange