(KMAland) -- KMA is now accepting applications for a year-long project to benefit one local non-profit.

The application process for KMA's Non-Profit Assistance Project began Monday. The program is entering its second year, as Southwest Iowa Families in Clarinda was the recipient of this past year's effort. KMA General Sales Manager Sandy Hansen says the project stems from help KMA has offered non-profits in the past.

"We feel pretty strongly about giving back," Hansen said on KMA's Dean & Friends program last week. "Contribution is a big driver for our culture here and what we stand for as a company. We felt like this was a way that we could do it and make a bigger impact, rather than just kind of drizzling out our efforts over lots of things."

Hansen says interested non-profits must fill out an application questionnaire at to be eligible for assistance. The deadline is June 28th.

"The application process is only on our website," Hansen said. "There will be some ads and placards there on the website that will have a place to have you click here to submit the application."

In addition to traditional radio advertising, Hansen says the selected non-profit will receive everything the KMA staff has to offer. She noted that Southwest Iowa Families received, at minimum, $50,000 in marketing value to promote their services in the past year.

"We've done quite a few Facebook pushes for Southwest Iowa Families," she said. "We did digital ads and videos for them, and some pre-rolls on our website. Things like that just build awareness. This helps them with their event process of trying to get more people to come to their fundraisers."

The project is open to all area non-profits or national non-profits with a presence in KMAland. Applications are available at under the community tab.