Clarinda Police Chief Keith Brothers

Clarinda Police Chief Keith Brothers

(Clarinda) -- It's the phone call no police chief ever wants to get--one stating that an officer has been injured in the line of duty.

Clarinda Police Chief Keith Brothers received such a call late Tuesday night, after one of his officers was hospitalized from injuries suffered in an altercation with a pursuit suspect. The incident occurred when officers attempted to stop a bicycle that was being operated after dark with no lighting around 9:30 p.m. The bicyclist failed to obey the order to stop and fled. The suspect, identified as 56-year-old Kevin Duane Hoyt of Clarinda, exited the bicycle and went into a liquor store at 900 East Washington Street. Brothers says a violent struggle ensued with Hoyt and police officers inside the business. One of the officers sustained injuries to his forehead and nose, and was taken to Clarinda Regional Health Center for treatment.

Speaking at Wednesday night's Clarinda City Council meeting, Brothers described his reaction after being notified of the incident later that evening.

"As a chief of police, when you get a call at 9:30-9:45 at night--or anytime--and it's like, 'hey, chief, one of your officers is hurt, and has been injured,' you get sick in the pit of our stomach."

Brothers also spoke about the dangers officers face.

"You probably can't understand it," said the chief. "But, it's a tough job. I'm quite frankly amazed anybody does it. I appreciate what they do. I think you all need to realize what's going on on these streets."

Brothers says the officer--who suffered a concussion in the incident-- is expected to return to duty in two or three days. Hoyt was charged with felony assault on a police officer, possession of methamphetamine, fourth degree destruction of property, and interference with official acts. The suspect is in custody in the Page County Jail on $8,300 bond.