Clarinda High School

(Clarinda) -- Clarinda school officials are honing the district's approach to improving the health of students.

Earlier this week, the Clarinda School Board approved the creation of a well being coaching position. Clarinda School Superintendent Chris Bergman tells KMA News the part-time position actually unifies strength training instruction for the district's student-athletes.

"We have had in the past several people who help with our weightlifting, and our strength and conditioning program for our athletes and our students," said Bergman. "Rather than have several people do that, we have been talking about--in every area of our district--effectiveness and efficiency, and how you can streamline something, and have a focus where there's less error in communication, that kids can stay on the same message, parents are getting the same message. We can stay on the same page a little better."

Bergman says the streamlined position will allow the district to offer specialized training and conditioning for individual sports. She says the well being coach will also provide information to improve students' health and fitness...

"We know through the conversations and the learning that we're doing that just focusing on strength and conditioning isn't enough," she said. "Our athletes have a lot going on in their outside of that world. So, in order to be the best that they can be, we need to add information regarding how does nutrition impact your lifting, and your ability to become stronger, and maintain your top peak performance."

In addition, the superintendent says students will receive tips on stress management, time management, even sleep.

"Some of the things that person might add into the weight and condition might be talking about sleep," said Bergman, "and really talking to students about the why and science behind it. Sometimes we say, 'you need to get your sleep,' or x-amount of hours, but really educate them on why you need it, and how does it impact your body."

In addition, the board accepted a grant of more than $4,500 from Promise Partners for purchase of yoga equipment and an instructor for the district's Kids Academy.