(Clarinda) -- Clarinda school officials continue to explore issues regarding the high school football field.

More discussion took place at the Clarinda School Board's regular meeting late Wednesday afternoon. For the past few months, board members have been looking at either replacing the existing field with natural sod or artificial turf, as well as renovating the field's tiling, drainage and sprinkler system. Clarinda School Superintendent Dr. Chris Bergman told KMA News board members reviewed information presented at a previous meeting regarding soil moisture and water drainage.

"We had an engineer come to the board meeting, and talk a little bit about what that might look like," said Bergman, "in terms of getting the necessary information, and getting the groundwork, and being sure that we're preparing our soil, really working on the issues with the drainage, because either way, we're going to need to address the drainage, because of the way the land lays, and the soil, itself."

Ultimately, Bergman says the board opted to consult a hydro engineer to focus more on the water flow under the field.

"It seems like possibly our soil, and in this area, has some tendencies to need a little bit more specificity in really dialing in, and addressing problems such as this," said Bergman. "Therefore, we decided our next steps would be really to look at the hydro engineer option, and have a work session, talking through all the information and what that timeline would look like."

Bergman says no timeline is set for the project, nor is any date established for the work session. Likewise, Bergman says no decision was make regarding the track renovation portion of the football field project.

"Typically, doing them in tandem is more fiscally responsible," she said, "as well as just with the equipment, and everything being outside there, it makes a lot of sense to do all of that once. So, there was no conversation about doing that piece."

In other business, the board approved a grant from Promise Partners for more than $4,541 for yoga equipment and an instructor to be used for the district's Kids Academy. In a related note, the board approved the creation of a part-time well being coach position. The board also approved the first reading of an amendment to board policy regarding graduation requirements, reflecting the change from a trimester to semester class schedule.