Clarinda City Hall

(Clarinda) — A major street improvement project is moving forward in Clarinda.

Meeting in regular session Wednesday, the Clarinda City Council set a bidletting for April 17th and a public hearing for April 22nd. Earlier this year, the council approved issuing up to $1.5 million in general obligation bonds to finance milling, resurfacing, minor patching and other work on a number of streets. City Manager Gary McClarnon tells KMA News the project covers several streets in the community.

"The engineer did give us an opinion of probable construction costs, which came in right at $1,499,000 before the 5 percent contingency," said McClarnon.  "The city council also had a map.  There's approximately 30 blocks worth of streets that we're looking at with this project."

In other street-related news, the council approved the second reading of an ordinance amendment dealing with stop signs and traffic control devices in the community. McClarnon says the first part of the amendment adds two stop signs to the new Walnut Hills subdivision.

"Vehicles traveling south on Walnut Hills Drive shall stop at Plum Street -- which is also a new street in this subdivision," said McClarnon.  "And then we also have Walnut Hills Drive vehicles traveling north shall stop at Walnut Street."

The second part of the amendment adds a four-way stop near the city’s elementary school.

"The council is wanting to put a four-way stop intersection at the intersection of 15th and Division streets," said McClarnon.  "The big reason for that is that right next to the elementary school.  By putting a four-way stop there and then we will paint a crossing there as well, kids will have a safe place to cross the street to get to the elementary school."

The final part of the amendment deleted language pertaining to traffic lights in the community. The deletion was in response to the council opting to remove stop lights at 16th and Garfield streets after they malfunctioned. The intersection is now governed by a four-way stop sign.

Like other councils in KMAland, the Clarinda Council had to turn to electronic means to conduct the meeting to comply with the 10-person limit to gatherings imposed by Governor Kim Reynolds.

"It was a combination or a hybrid meeting where we had both council members that attended the meeting via electronic and then we had two council members and the mayor that were at the meeting in person," said McClarnon.  "It was kind of interesting the way it worked, but everything did work well.  Everyone was there and we had some people from the general public that were also attending the meeting via Zoom.  It was actually a pretty good experience."

In other business, the council approved an amended development agreement with Bank Iowa, pushing the completion date of their new downtown location to the end of the year and set a bidletting for the purchase of snow removal equipment for the airport.