Clarinda Lied Public Library

(Clarinda) -- Clarinda's Lied Public Library is offering a new program to help out students throughout KMAland.

The library recently added Brainfuse Help Now to its website. The free service offers multiple tools and live tutoring help for children. Library Director Andrew Hoppmann says that the program is available to students not only in the Clarinda School District, but to anyone with internet access.

"What's great is that because it's on our website, if you are outside of Clarinda -- as long as you have access to the internet -- you can actually go to our website and look for the Help Now or online tutoring button," said Hoppmann.

Hoppmann says the service offers live tutors seven days a week from 2-11 p.m. Central time.

"You pick what grade you are in and you pick your course -- biology, geometry, etc. -- and you are connected with a tutor throughout America," said Hoppmann. "You can actually type and chat with them. They also give you a digital whiteboard, so you can use your mouse and draw out equations, graphs or shapes. Also, if you are working on a math problem or you've written a paper, you can take a photo or upload those documents to the tutor so they can see what you've already done."

In addition to providing help with homework and schoolwork, Hoppmann says there are multiple free tools for adults, as well.

"Maybe you are not taking classes or in school, but you are looking to refresh your resume," said Hoppmann. "There is an option with Brainfuse where you can upload that and they will give you feedback. HR professionals will review it and send it back to say 'change this or add this' to spruce up your resume."

For more information on the Brainfuse service, call the Clarinda Lied Public Library at (712) 542-2416 or visit the library's website.

Hoppmann was a recent guest on KMA's Morning Routine Show. You can hear his full interview below.