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(Clarinda) -- A Clarinda business owner is seeking the public's help in meeting the demand for protective masks from numerous service providers.

Ann Taylor owns Handcart Quilting and Repair. Taylor is spearheading an effort to provide N-95 covers or homemade masks in the community, in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. She tells KMA News she's asking residents with sewing skills and a small stash of fabric to manufacture the masks.

"There's no person out there that believes these are going to go into surgical units, or whatever," said Taylor. "What these are actually for are to keep those N-95 masks in with the people who desperately need them, then to offer the right amount of protection for people who are working with, maybe, a regular patient, or who are trying to protect people in nursing homes--etcetera, etcetera."

Taylor says she's fielded numerous requests for masks from law enforcement, health providers and businesses.

"Clarinda Regional Health Center needs 500-plus," she said. "The Clarinda Police Department needs 50 masks, Waubonsie Mental Health Centers needs 100, Casey's on Washington Street in Clarinda needs 30, Clarinda Academy needs 200-plus, Casey's on 16th Street needs 50, Eiler Place is looking for 100, the Fareway Store in Clarinda is looking for 70, the Clarinda Post Office would like about 50. And, like I said, the numbers will continue to roll in."

Taylor has specific instructions on making the masks.

"Quitler's cotton is something that really seems to be working well," said Taylor. "If you wash quilter's cotton, not only will it clean it, but it will tighten the weave--so that makes it an even better barrier. We also recommend a non-woven interfacing--that doesn't mean anything to you, but I promise that quilters and sewers, they will know exactly what that is. And then, we are actually using fabric for ties, instead of the elastic."

In fact, a mask pattern and a tutorial video is available from the Handcart Quilting and Repair Facebook page. For more information, you can call Ann Taylor at 712-542-1290.