Holiday Blues

The holiday blues are common, and often go away once the season ends. Until then, there are ways to cope. (Pixabay)

(Shenandoah) -- An upcoming program in Shenandoah is aiming to help those who are feeling less than jolly this holiday season.

"Coping with the Holidays" is the subject of the free program at Windsor Manor Tuesday at 6 p.m. Shenandoah Medical Center Social Worker Melissa Hobbie is the featured speaker for the event. She says holiday blues can manifest in a variety of ways.

"Anybody that has experienced a loss or just going through some changes -- whether it's seasonal affective disorder, stress or just the overall blues of what the holidays can do to a person," said Hobbie.

Angels Care Home Health Account Executive Linda Terry says the program will cover more than just grief.

"It's not just for somebody who has lost a loved one or a spouse, it's for pretty much anybody," said Terry. "Maybe they are going through the holiday alone, it might be financial reasons that they are depressed or upset. That can be a burden we don't think about it a lot. Most of us are pretty decently well-off or able to afford to get gifts. Some people are not. We have different things to talk about and think about."

Hobbie -- who conducts a weekly grief group at SMC -- says the holidays can be a tough time for many people.

"Grief has been my forte for awhile, which is where Linda pulled me into this," said Hobbie. "Now, we are just expanding it because most people think it's the most wonderful time of the year, but not for everybody. We're just addressing that niche of people."

In addition to the free program, dinner is available one hour prior to the event for $5 per plate. For more information or to make a dinner reservation, contact Windsor Manor at (712) 246-2194.

Hobbie and Terry were recent guests on KMA's Morning Routine program.  You can hear their full interview below.