Shenandoah Legislative Coffee

State Senator Mark Costello (left) comments on recent developments at the Glenwood Resource Center during Saturday's legislative coffee in Shenandoah. State Representative Cecil Dolecheck (right) also appeared at the coffee.

(Shenandoah) – Despite recent controversies—including the firing of its head administrator—at least one KMAland lawmaker believes the Glenwood Resource Center will stay open.

State Senator Mark Costello accompanied Governor Kim Reynolds in her visit to the center last week. Reynolds’ tour of the facility followed last month’s firing of GRC superintendent Jerry Rea, amid allegations he conducted human experiments on some of the center’s patients. The Department of Justice is also investigating allegations of poor patient care. Speaking at Saturday’s legislative coffee in Shenandoah, Costello says he was pleased with a report from one of the University of Iowa physicians sent to the facility by the governor to check residents.

“Doctors from the University of Iowa had come down,” said Costello. “I think four of them had come down multiple times. I visited one of those doctors, and he assured me that the care that the patients were getting at this point seemed to be very good. There were impressed with the people giving the care there.”

Costello also defended the GRC staff, calling them “good people.” He believes that the recent turmoil won’t lead to the center’s closing.

“The resource center is very much needed,” he said. “I believe that we all feel very optimistic that we’re going to be able to continue, and it’s not in any danger of being shut down, or anything like that. Whatever the Department of Justice comes up with, we’ll be able to comply with the changes they feel are necessary.”

The Imogene Republican commended new state DHS Kelly Garcia for addressing some of the center’s issues.