Not on My Watch

(Omaha) -- As thousands of people prepare to converge on the Omaha metro area for the College World Series, at least one organization is urging vigilence when it comes to human trafficking.

“What we know is sex trafficking happens every day across the state and no zip code is immune," said Women's Fund of Omaha Trafficking Project Manager Meghan Malik

She tells WOWT News Nebraska's location along Interstate 80 makes it a hotbed of trafficking activity.

"About 900 individuals are for sale for sex on a monthly basis in Nebraska and about 675 of those are in the Omaha area," said Malik.

Malik says that number is expected to rise over the next week and a half with the College World Series. Sierra Salgado Pirigyi is the CEO of Urban Abbey in Omaha. She says the coffee shop is handed out flyers that include signs of human trafficking.

“It was important to us to help spread the word to people about what to look for," said Salgado Pirigyi.

Despite commons signs of those being trafficked, Malik says not all cases are alike.

“A survivor may not look fearful. You may not know," said Malik. “It's important to have conversations with our young people about consent, bodily autonomy, are you talking about how to have healthy relationships? That's how we begin to prevent sex trafficking in our communities."

Common signs could include possessive tattoos, confusion about location and someone not being in possession of their own ID or money. If you suspect someone may be the victim of human trafficking, call the National Trafficking Hotline at (888) 373-7888.