(Sidney) -- Thirty-five year-old Brian Heath Davis was found guilty of 1st degree murder Monday afternoon in the 2009 death of Holly Rae Durben.

District Court Judge Timothy O'Grady handed down his verdict in Fremont County District Court shortly before 3 p.m. Sentencing for Davis has been set for 9 a.m. Wednesday, March 4th. The Class A felony charge of 1st Degree Murder carries a mandatory life sentence without the possibility of parole.

Fremont County Attorney Corey Becker spoke with the media following the delivery of the guilty verdict.

"We are very happy with the verdict handed down today. This case was truly a great effort by all the southwest Iowa law enforcement agencies and county attorney offices. I specifically want to thank law enforcement and the staff in my office for the long hours they put in. I want to thank the Page and Mills County Attorney's office. I want to thank the Attorney General's office and specifically my co-counsel Laura Roan. And the Board of Supervisor's here and the Sheriff's office. I think we did a great job with security and the facilities here."

Becker went on to thank his predecessor for his tireless efforts in this case.

"I think a large part of the effort has to go to the former County Attorney James Berger. He's the one who saw this cold case and brought it back up. We never gave up on this, but it definitely kind of fell on the backside. But it needed to be tried because it was still out there and we all knew what had happened."

Holly Durben's mother and sister were part of the family contingent in the courtroom Monday to hear the verdict, one they say they were very pleased to hear. Holly's sister, Heather Durben-Richardson made a prepared statement to highlight the tragedy of domestic violence.

"The number of American troops killed in Afghanistan and Iraq between 2001 and 2012 was 6,488. The number of American women who were murdered in by current or ex male partners during that time was 11,766. That's nearly double the amount of casualties lost during war."

Heather Durben-Richardson cited the Huffington Post as her source for those numbers.