Sen. Joni Ernst

(Washington, D.C.) -- Iowa Senator Joni Ernst is urging the Senate to make quick work of a new trade deal.

The Senate Finance Committee passed the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement Tuesday, as farm state senators work to get the agreement to the Senate floor before a looming impeachment trial.

"Over the holidays while I was back home, people are excited about the new year and the fact that we have a fresh start," said Ernst. "As I look at Congress with that fresh start, what we need to understand is we still have a lot of work to do for our constituents -- the American people."

Ernst says USMCA, along with phase one of a trade deal with China, will bring welcome outside markets to the agriculture sector.

"This means a lot to folks to back home," said Ernst. "It means a lot to people all across the United States. We are acting on it immediately. We're excited about that. We're also really excited that we now have a phase one China deal, which hopefully will be signed next week."

Ernst urged her colleagues to act swiftly with the trade deal.

"While everybody is so focused on impeachment here, folks back home are telling me they are fed up," said Ernst. "They want us to work on things that really matter to them."

In addition to the Finance Committee, six other Senate committees have jurisdiction over the wide-ranging agreement. Those committees have to act before the agreement can be ratified on the full floor.