(Des Moines) -- Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds has announced her endorsement of David Young in the race for the state's third congressional district.

In a press release, Governor Reynolds stated that Young "is a dedicated public servant who will always work on behalf of his constituents." Young, a Republican from Van Meter, talked about his candidacy live on KMA News back in mid-May. He said current third district representative Cindy Axne, a Democrat from West Des Moines, wasn't representing southwest Iowa's values in Washington, D.C.

"Cindy Axne worked in the state government and is a regulator," Young said. "She likes the bigger approach to government taking control of our lives. If you remember the Waters of the U.S. Rule under President Obama, she was for that. She was for regulating 97 percent of Iowa's land in a new way. I believe in freedom and private property rights. I believe Iowans are good stewards of the land and know best how to take care of the land and people around them."

Congresswoman Axne is seeking reelection for the seat and currently doesn't have a primary opponent. Young has one GOP opponent that he would face in a primary, Army veteran Bill Schafer of Prole.