(Clarinda) -- Clarinda's School Board is making contingency plans in the absence of a full time superintendent beginning next month.

At its regular meeting Wednesday evening, the board approved an agreement with the Green Hills Area Education Agency, allowing AEA Administrator Dr. Lolli Haws to serve as acting superintendent. Haws will serve until an interim superintendent is named. Current Superintendent Deron Stender resigned last month to accept the same position in the Creston School District. Stender tells KMA News the board took action following a presentation from Haws regarding the AEA's services.

"She's able to meet the legal obligations of the school district," said Stender, "which is required to have a superintendent underneath their direction at all times. So, in my absence, provided that the district hasn't made a decision on an interim superintendent by July 1st, she will be the acting superintendent. The board did take action on that, and approve that."

Board members also appointed Director of Students Services Allison Wellhausen to serve as the district's contact person/liaison in Haws' absence. Stender expects the arrangement to be temporary.

"I'm anticipating that a lot of this may not actually take place," he said, "because I just sense that they'll probably have a superintendent named before then. I know that they have a timeline to where they're going to meet with a search consultant next week. Then, I think the last week of June, they're going to do some interviews, and probably even consider offering a contract. But, that's a fast track, but I think it's all doable."

Stender expects the search for his permanent successor to take several months. Last week, the board selected ED Wise LLC of Alta as a consultant in the search for a new superintendent.

"My understanding is that this first is going to be an interim (superintendent)," said Stender, "then they would probably a superintendent search sometime in November-December. They want to get an early start on that, so they would get a good pool on candidates, and get a good time to be able to go through a good process with the community, get their involvement. So again, probably November-December, they'll probably start that process, and have a collaboration with the community."

Stender officially succeeds the retiring Steve McDermott as Creston's superintendent July 1st. He made his comments on KMA's "Morning Line" program Thursday morning.