(Shenandoah) -- A little more than a week remains before RAGBRAI 44 hits Shenandoah. And, city officials say help is still needed in a few key areas.

Jim Davey and Shelly Warner are co-chairs of Shenandoah's RAGBRAI Executive Committee. Warner tells KMA News there is still a big need for homes and yards for visitors coming into the community next Sunday.

"We are about 50 houses or yards short," said Warner. "I have to say that every other call at the chamber is from someone who doesn't have a place to stay yet. So, call the chamber, or email us at chamber@shenandoahiowa.net, and we'll pass the word along to the housing committee."

And, Warner says volunteers are needed to staff various positions. One of the biggest needs is for volunteers to welcome the riders upon entering downtown Shenandoah.

"We do need a lot of volunteers right when they cross the arch into town," she said, "which is right about in line with where Wallin Plumbing and Heating is on Sheridan Avenue, where we're going to set it up. We have 6,000 zinnia seed packets that were given to us by Earl May with our logo on it as a memento to give to the riders. And, we need help in passing those out."

Warner is hoping for a good turnout of local residents at the arch.

"You know, I hope we have a lot of spectators who come out and greet the riders, and welcome them to town," she said. "There's a few volunteer spots here and there, such as the beverage garden and the information centers. But, we're filling up pretty good."

Davey, meanwhile, says residents and businesses can pitch in by sprucing up their properties before the cyclists come to town.

"All of our city crews are trying to work overtime, so to speak," said Davey, "to try and spruce things up a little bit, especially in our parks, where most of the campers will be staying. But, I also encourage any business owners downtown, that if you walk out the day before RAGBRAI, and just check to make sure that if there's any weeds sprouting up between the sidewalks, go ahead and pull them, and pick up any garbage items that might be laying around. We certainly need your help in making things presentable for groups coming to town here."

Anyone interested in volunteering homes, yards, or themselves should contact Shelly Warner at 712-246-3455 or log onto Shenandoah's RAGBRAI website.