Darrell Saner retires

L-R -- Mayor Dick Hunt, Darrell Saner and Police Chief Kris Grebert

(Shenandoah) -- City officials and citizens gathered Thursday to congratulate outgoing Shenandoah Assistant Police Chief Darrell Saner at retirement party.

28 years on the Shenandoah Police force were summed up in a few minutes at the Bricker Room in Shenandoah. Mayor Dick Hunt began the brief celebration. "I just want to say on behalf of the city that we want to present you Darrell with this certificate. We appreciate all you've done over the years. Thank you for the service. We're glad that you're going to continue to come back and continue to help us on these nuisance properties."

Police Chief Kris Grebert then made a special presentation. "On behalf of the Police Department, we made a plaque for Darrell. We've got his badge, the badge he's worn on duty #35. It will be retired. Nobody else will be able to wear that badge now, so I'd like to present that to you Darrell."

Saner, who's long been known as a man of few words, took a moment to thank the citizens for their support over the years. "Thank you all for coming here. And like we were talking about earlier, I depended on a lot of the elders in the community for advice over the years and I'm really thankful for that. And we've had a lot of public support and here recently a lot of public support for the police department and I really appreciate that too. And hats off for the new officers coming in because they've got a challenge and I'd appreciate if we could get more public support in the future for our new officers."

Officer Josh Gray has been promoted to fill the Assistant Chief duties previously held by Saner. That decision was approved at the last Shenandoah City Council meeting.