Burlington Junction IAMO Donation

Pictured left to right are -- Front Row: Kellee Dawson, Shayli Larabee, Troy Brady; Back Row: Larry McIntyre, Jason Hull, Shannon Nolte, Clint Snodderley, Calvin Clark

(Burlington Junction) -- IAMO Telephone Company recently gave $5,000 to the city of Burlington Junction and the Blazers city youth baseball program for ball field improvements.

IAMO Manager Tom Steinolfsen says half of the funds were used for the city's repair of Clarinda Street, which leads from Highway 136 to the ball field. The other $2,500 was used to rebuild a demolished cook shack and bathrooms at the park.

"IAMO Telephone was able to donate $5,000 of dividend funds to the city of Burlington Junction," Steinolfsen said. "This assisted much needed ball field improvements for safety and the quality of the park."

Burlington Junction Ball Field Renovations

Burlington Junction Ball Field Renovations

The Burlington Junction city baseball field is used by West Nodaway Schools, extracurricular and community groups for activities throughout the year.

"This project had phases," said Shayli Larabee, Project Manager. "The old structure was out of code and had not been updated for years. The City and Project Board agreed (the previous cook shack and bathrooms) needed to come down so we could start over."

While the bulk of the project has been completed, the Project Board hopes to add more safety features such as backstop padding, dugout roofs, outfield wind screens, outfield fence toppers, warning tracks and removal of dated playground equipment.

To contribute to improvements, contact project manager Shayli Larabee at 660-254-0077.