Mills County Courthouse

Mills County Courthouse

(Glenwood) -- Mills County residents impacted by the floods of 2019 will soon be notified whether they've been accepted to the county's home buyout program.

Last month, the county's board of supervisors approved a resolution to proceed with property buyouts for a large number of properties under the FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grant program. Seventy-nine applicants were interviewed for the program under phase one. Nick Johnson recently succeeded Sheri Bowen as the county's public information officer. Speaking on KMA's "Morning Line" program Friday morning, Johnson says another group of applicants were reviewed in the program's second phase.

"The board then went back, and started taking a closer look at some of the other flood-affected areas," said Johnson, "and ended up conducting 37 additional one-on-one interviews with property owners on their interest in the buyout program."

Johnson says board members then finalized the eligible applicants from both phases this week.

"As of Tuesday of this week, the board has finalized the eligible properties," he said. "That includes all of phase one, and then those properties in phase two after those one-on-one interviews with those property owners. The official notice will be going through U.S. Mail, so I'm asking those property owners to keep an eye on their mail. That information should be going out in the next week or two."

With some impacted residents still living in temporary shelter eight months after the initial flooding occurred, Johnson says housing remains an issue in the county.

"I'm seeing a little bit of a housing shortage right now," said Johnson, "not just from the flood-affected victims, but also families and individuals who want to move down to Mills County, and see it as an opportunity to raise a family, and everything. I know there's some new housing going up with some local companies. There's always room for more, it seems."

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