Levee repair near Bartlett

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers released this photo of repairs on an initial breach closure on levee L-594-B near Bartlett.

(Omaha) -- U.S. Army Corps of Engineers officials say they're making headway on repairing multiple levees damaged by the flooding of 2019.

Officials with the corps' Omaha district announced they've completed an initial breach closure on levee L-594-B near Bartlett. Completion of final construction activities--surfacing, seeding, etc, is anticipated by early next week. Progress on the levee repairs near Bartlett follows other developments announced by the corps this week. On Wednesday, initial breach closure was completed on levee L-611-614 near Council Bluffs. Matt Krajewski is chief of readiness with the corps' Omaha office.

"Levee 611-614 was one of the four breaches that we had previously noted as priority breach closures," said Krajewski. "The other three remain under construction."

In addition, the corps awarded a contract to Weston Solutions for initial breach repairs to the L550-561 levee system near Watson. Krajewski says more contracts are expected to be awarded on levee repairs within the next week.

"The first is follow-up work to the breach repairs on Levee L-575 near Percival and Hamburg, Iowa," he said. "The second is for breach closure number two on levee system L-594 in Fremont County, Iowa."

Additionally, repairs on L-575-A near Percival and L-594 in Fremont County were expected to be wrapped up by this weekend. Levee L-601 near Bartlett is expected to be finished by Monday, while July 8th is the projected completion date for L-575-B near Hamburg.