Page County Courthouse

(Clarinda) -- In terms of voter turnout, Super Vote I lived up to the hype.

In Page County, about 25% of the county's registered voters cast ballots in the first-ever combined municipal and school board election Tuesday. Page County Auditor Melissa Wellhausen tells KMA News some big city council and school board contests, plus some major bond issue referendums, stirred voter interest.

"We kind of attributed that to some of the races that were contested," said Wellhausen, "as well as the public measure (Shenandoah bond issue)--we had several of those on the ballot. That typically brings people out to vote. So, we were excited to see that large of a turnout yesterday (Tuesday)."

Wellhausen was also ecstatic about the final absentee vote total, which was just under 500 ballots. Despite the high absentee return, she says reports indicate the county's precincts were busy all day.

"We didn't want to 100% anticipate, with the poll hours changing," she said. "So, with it being open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., they (the precincts) were steady all day--which was great to see. It kind of could be contributed to several different factors--the length of time, as well as the amount of individuals on the ballot, and the public measure. But, they were busy all day--which was great."

And, despite the consolidated city-school election, Wellhausen says there were no snags in tabulating results.

"We always try to prepare 100% ahead of time as much as possible," said Wellhausen, "and always try to plan for worst-case scenarios. Fortunately, everything ran smoothly. We were able to get those out smoothly, and out to everyone who was patiently waiting for them."

Like other counties, Wellhausen says her office is now combing through all the write-in votes to determine those final results. Remember: all results are unofficial until the Page County Board of Supervisors canvass the figures at its regular meeting next Tuesday morning.