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(Fort Dodge, IA) -- A Webster County judge has sentenced a 28-year-old woman from Clare to 40 years in prison on her guilty plea in a death case. Mackenzie Knigge had been accused of playing a role in the killing of another woman and burning the body. Knigge pleaded guilty charges of attempted murder, aiding and abetting robbery and abuse of a human corpse. The burned body of 26-year-old Jessica Gomez of Fort Dodge was found in a farm field two years ago. An Indiana man involved in the killing was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

(Eldridge, IA) -- Witnesses say a 12-year-old student at North Scott Junior High School pulled out a gun in his classroom last August and pulled the trigger. That gun didn't fire because its safety was on. Jury selection for the boy started Monday. He is being tried as a youthful offender on charges of attempted murder, carrying weapons on school grounds and assault while displaying a weapon.

(Des Moines, IA) -- Iowa law says any product containing cannabidiol is classified as a Schedule-One controlled substance -- and is illegal. Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller is pointing out that very few of the C-B-D products being sold are legal. The exceptions are F-D-A-approved medications and Iowa's medical C-B-D program, administered by the state Department of Public Health. Patients have to have a state-issued registration card and can only buy the product at licensed dispensaries.

(Davenport, IA) -- Davenport police say the death of a 27-year-old mother from Illinois was accidental "with no criminal intentions." Brittany Russell was found unresponsive at the Blackhawk Bowl and Martini Lounge Sunday night. She died before she could be taken to a hospital. Although Russell worked at the business, it isn't clear if she was working a shift at the time of her death.