Iowa Welcome Sign

(Des Moines, IA) -- Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller is joining other attorneys general who are investigating Google's business practices. Miller, a Democrat, released a written statement, saying the bipartisan investigation is in its early stages and the group has drawn no conclusions. Miller's statement says the group is concerned that Google controls so much information and commerce on the internet -- and the attorneys general are examining whether Google's business practices to see how it deals with competitors. Miller confirmed last Friday that he's also one of nine attorneys general investigating Facebook for possible anti-trust violations.

(Le Mars, IA) -- Le Mars-based Wells Enterprises has signed a deal with an Idaho dairy to acquire the popular Halo (HAY-loh) Top brand of ice cream. C-E-O Mike Wells says Halo Top disrupted the ice cream category by providing a high protein, low sugar, low-calorie dessert that gave consumers a reason to purchase ice cream as a treat again. The sale is expected to be completed in September. Financial terms of the sale are not being disclosed. The Eden Creamery started with just four flavors of Halo Top, but now offers 25 different flavors, including dairy-free options. Wells is the second-largest ice cream company in the U-S.

(Keyston, IA) -- A Michigan man faces a drug-related charge after a traffic stop in northeast Iowa where deputies uncovered a quarter of a million dollars worth of marijuana. A Dubuque County deputy pulled 36-year-old Graham Musial (MYOO-zee-ull) over on Highway 61 near Key West. The deputy called for a dog --- which alerted that drugs might be in the vehicle. Deputies searched the inside and found more than 146 pounds of marijuana and products containing T-H-C.

(Fort Dodge, IA) -- The Iowa Department of Corrections says an officer the Fort Dodge prison had minor bruises and soreness after being attacked by an inmate Sunday afternoon. The department says the correctional officer was giving directions to an inmate who then aggressively approach the officer and pushed him backward. The officer used pepper spray on the inmate -- who was evaluated at the hospital and found to have no major injuries