Iowa Welcome Sign

(Des Moines, IA) -- A spokesperson with the Federal Emergency Management Agency is urging disaster victims to register for aid as soon as possible. The deadline is July 16th. Pamela King says you need to have an inspection of your property to determine what has been lost or damaged and there needs to be time for the inspectors to get there. King says the federal assistance won't make people lose any other coverage they might have. She says 26-hundred-44 people in Iowa have already registered. and more than 14-million dollars had been paid to Iowans.

(Webster City, IA) -- A Webster City doctor has admitted making false statements to the U-S Attorney’s Office about Medicare claims. Seventy-six-year-old Joseph Latella admitted to lying so he could be paid at the highest rate possible when he worked in private practice and as the medical director for several nursing homes. An investigation found that Latella was billing more than 93 percent of his nursing home visits to Medicare under the most expensive claim code, then falsely claimed he spent the time required for that level of billing. Doctor Latella's plea agreement means he faces a maximum of five years in prison and a 250-thousand dollar fine when he is sentenced.

(Packwood, IA) -- An Ottumwa man is expected to enter a guilty plea to two bank robbery charges when he returns to court in September. Prosecutors say Ethan Spray robbed the Pilot Grove Savings Bank in Packwood June 1st, 2018, then robbed the South Ottumwa Savings Bank branch in Hedrick two months later. Two more suspects have been arrested in the bank robberies, Ross Edward Thornton of Hedrick and Jordan Garrett Crawford of Mount Plesant.

(Des Moines, IA) -- Five registered nurses say the state of Iowa owes them overtime pay. Susan Rowe, Christine Kleiber, Tammy Burden, Julie Schropp and Stacey Good filed a suit in Polk County Circuit Court last month. They say they haven't been paid overtime wages while working at state-owned facilities for the last two years. The nurses argue that is a violation of state and federal labor laws.