Iowa Welcome Sign

(Des Moines, IA) -- Iowa Racing and Gaming Administrator Brian Ohorilko  says casinos will be charged with checking to be sure no one under 21 takes part when legal sports betting in Iowa begins Thursday at noon. Ohorilko says most casinos are partnering with wagering companies that have experience in the sports gambling business. You have to come into a casino and sign up for an account -- and Ohorilko says that's where the various measures will be used to check your age. He says most of the operators are using some sort of credit verification and will also use government databases and private companies that have access to multiple information sites that they can identify someone's age. Ohorilko says if someone's age is not easily identified through online sources then those customers may be asked to provide additional information.

(Undated) -- The latest U-S-D-A crop report shows farmers planted more acres than expected this year and corn and soybean harvests may end up being larger than earlier predictions. But Iowa Farm Bureau Federation economist Sam Funk says it’s too early to know just how well the corn planted late in the spring due to cold, rainy conditions will actually do at harvest time. The August report, released Monday, did not have good news on the demand side. Exports are expected to remain down and so is the amount of corn used for ethanol. Iowa State University ag economist Chad Hart says China is buying far fewer U-S soybeans than it used to, while Brazil and other South American countries are stepping in to fill the void.

(Hamburg, IA) -- The only restaurant in a southwest Iowa town is preparing to reopen several months after being plagued by repeated spring flooding. The Blue Moon Bar and Grill in Hamburg has been closed since mid-March because of high water. Owners Vicki Sjulin (shu-LIN), says she and her husband are dedicated to bringing the restaurant back. Sjulin bought booths and chairs from a closed Perkins restaurant. She’s installed a new kitchen and is waiting for an electrician to wire it. She’s getting one of the two buildings ready for a couple of inspections and hopes to reopen it for business the day after Labor Day.

(West Des Moines, IA) -- A 65-year-old arson suspect tells police she wanted to get revenge on her boyfriend when she lit several fires Monday morning. Jane Heslinga is charged with one count of arson. When she was named by a neighbor as a possible suspect in two fires, police decided to watch her home -- and they saw her come out and appear to set a garage on fire. Heslinga has a preliminary hearing on the arson charge scheduled for August 22nd.