Missouri Welcome Sign

(Washington, DC) -- U-S Senator Roy Blunt says there will be restrictions to public and press access during President Donald Trump’s impeachment trials. The Missouri Republican says that will include periods when the Senate chamber is cleared of reporters. The bulk of the trial will be broadcast on television, but during certain periods of debate, the Senate will go into closed session under its impeachment rules. That means only senators and essential staff. Blunt is the Senate Rules chairman and a member of Senate GOP leadership.

(Clayton, MO) -- St. Louis County prosecutors and investigators are suing County Executive Sam Page, saying county officials have refused to begin contract negotiations since they unionized about a year ago. The 45 prosecutors and six investigators are looking to negotiate everything, including their hours, pay, assignments, job descriptions and transfers. Prosecutors and investigators in the city are not in a union.

(Jefferson City, MO) -- A new study ranks four Missouri cities in the top 100 U-S cities for cases of sexually transmitted diseases. The study used data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the U-S Census Bureau. The four cities include Columbia, Springfield, St. Louis and Kansas City. Kansas City was at the No. 28 spot, St Louis,36, Springfield 58 and Columbia 71 for the most S-T-D cases per 100-thousand people.

(Atlanta, GA) -- The C-D-C says four counties in the Ozarks are at risk of an H-I-V outbreak. Hickory, Ozark, Cedar, and Wright are on the list. All of those counties are mainly rural. The Hickory County Health Department says it has implemented a health education campaign. It hopes that education, combined with free screenings and information, will help limit the risk of the outbreak.