Missouri Welcome Sign

(Kansas City, MO) -- The American Civil Liberties Union of Missouri has posted a win in court for its campaign to overturn an eight-week abortion ban. A three-judge state Appeals Court panel says Missouri Republican Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft was “without authority” to deny petitions to put the law on the 2020 ballot for constitutional reasons. Ashcroft’s office could appeal to the state Supreme Court. The ban would allow abortions in cases of health risks but not for rape or incest victims. Abortion doctors who violate the ban would face prison time.

(Columbia, MO) -- The Missouri Veterans Commission has about 400 people on its waiting list for a bed at one of the state’s seven veterans homes. Executive Director Grace Link says when she first took over the position about a year-and-a-half ago, about 18-hundred people were on that list. The commission has been contacting veterans on the list to ensure they require 24-hour care. If a bed is not available at one of Missouri’s veterans homes, Link says the federal Department of Veterans Affairs has many contracts with local nursing homes and home health care companies.

(Jefferson City, MO) -- Missouri's Senate leader is hopeful that General Motors will expand its plant in Wentzville. Senate President Pro Tem Dave Schatz successfully pushed legislation in May aimed at attracting a one-billion-dollar plant expansion. That bill is on the governor's desk. The bill would provide five million dollars in tax credits over 10 years to automakers which invest at least 750-million dollars in plant upgrades.

(Columbia, MO) -- A University of Missouri study finds liquid forensics could lead to safer drinking water. A team of research scientists is building a rapid and inexpensive way to find out the physical qualities of liquids. The scientists are working to refine their methods and equipment to give commercial industries a way to monitor liquid properties, including the percentage of alcohol in alcoholic beverages, the amount of inferior oil in fraudulent olive oils, the quality of honey and the amount of sugar or sugar substitutes in soft drinks.