Nebraska Welcome Sign

(Lincoln, NE) -- An Air Force plane is being towed to a stall following an emergency landing at Lincoln Airport last night. Fire and rescue officials say an engine fire broke out on the AWACS aircraft around 7:00 p.m. after taking off from Oklahoma. The Air National Guard reported that all six people on board were successfully evacuated. It isn't known how long the plane will remain at the stall, but it will be supervised by an armed guard at all times.

(Lincoln, NE) -- A bicyclist is in critical condition after being hit by a truck in west Lincoln. That accident happened last night on Pioneers Boulevard near South Folsom as a pickup truck traveling west over a hill hit the man. The 69-year-old bike rider is said to have suffered multiple leg fractures. An investigation is still ongoing.

(Nuckolls County, NE) -- Parts of Southern Nebraska are dealing with flood damage. Sections of Nuckolls County, including homes, fields, and roads, have been affected by high waters, similarly to central Nebraska. A road near Nelson has caved in and a field on the Kansas border was completely flooded yesterday. Following continued, heavy rains over the last 30 days, residents are asked to stay patient and stay aware of road barricades.

(Lincoln, NE) -- The city of Lincoln will be getting an updated Climate Action Plan. That plan, led initially by Verdis Group, was announced yesterday as working off the existing city environmental action plan. The first phase includes gathering information about emergency preparedness, climate hazards, and past sustainability work for Lincoln. The mayor is expected to appoint a task force to work on the year-long process, which also involves public forms.