Bill Schafer

Bill Schafer

(Undated) -- Former Iowa Congressman David Young faces a primary challenge for Iowa's 3rd Congressional District's Republican nomination.

Retired U.S. Army Colonel William Schafer announced his candidacy back in May. Schafer spent 32 years in the infantry, including a deployment in Iraq, before retiring in October, 2014. Speaking on KMA's "Morning Line" program Monday morning, Schafer says he and his wife decided to stay in Iowa--the site of one of his last military assignments.

"My wife and I were looking at Iowa," said Schafer, "and decided that we loved Iowa, and loved Iowans. So, we stayed in Iowa, and I worked for the government as a civilian for a few years, and recently resigned from that job for the purpose of running for Congress here in Iowa District 3."

Schafer says he's seeking the congressional seat currently held by Democrat Cindy Axne because it was time for him to stop complaining, and actually run for office. He was also disappointed with the November, 2018 general election results, in which Axne knocked off Young.

"The loss of the Republican 3rd District Seat to a liberal Democrat bothered me enough to decide I should take that action, and run for office, return this seat to a Republican, provide constitutional governance, constitutional problem solving to the people of Iowa District 3, and add to the conservatives who are in the House."

Schafer says he's different from Young, in that he took a soldier's path to government service, rather than a political path. With his military experience, he says he would bring a high level of "constitutional problem solving."

"What I mean by that is the opportunity to look at every problem from the lens of the constitution," said Schafer. "And, if the constitution requires a federal government solution, then I'll work tirelessly to deliver that to the people of Iowa, and the nation. But, if it does not require a federal solution, I'll work tirelessly to convince my colleagues in Congress to push that problem back to the states for the people for solving."

Immigration is but one issue Schafer is concentrating on as a candidate. However, Schafer believes immigration and national security are separate issues.

"We certainly need immigration," he said. "We need legal immigration. We need the federal government involved in the people that are coming into the nation for the purpose of assimilating and becoming American citizens, and bringing their cultures into continuing to enhance and cause our country to be the melting pot that it is. But, that's completely separate from the southern border, which is a national security issue that needs to be resolved."

Schafer believes the U.S. should stop illegal immigration by closing the U.S. southern border, and ending incentives for migration to the U.S., such as welfare programs and job opportunities. You can hear the full interview with Bill Schafer on our "Morning Line" page at