Shenandoah City Council

Shenandoah City Council 

(Shenandoah) – Shenandoah officials hope regulation changes will bring more uniformity to the city’s fencing ordinance.

By unanimous vote Tuesday evening, the Shenandoah City Council approved the first reading of amendments to section 14 of the city’s zoning ordinance of 1982 pertaining to fencing rules and regulations. Council members then unanimously waived the second and third readings, and officially adopted the amendments. The council took action after no one spoke for or against the amendments at a public hearing.

Among other things, Shenandoah City Administrator A.J. Lyman tells KMA News the amendments include specifics on the size of fencing.

“Our fencing ordinance as it had existed really only included height,” said Lyman. Within that, it really only regulated the rear and side view height. We looked at that as being pretty insufficient, and recognized the need to kind of adopt a more uniform set of ordinances that allows us to ensure everybody’s safety—one, and that we’re applying these rules uniformly and evenly across the board, so that we have a more uniform look on how fencing is constructed and used within the city.”

While the city’s planning and zoning commission approved the amendments unanimously, Lyman says the council passed on the commission’s proposal for a sunset clause on existing fencing in the community.

“The planning and zoning commission suggested kind of a sunset clause,” he said, “where after a certain amount of time, we might consider that all fences are out of compliance. I think the council looked at the way we had it worded such that they already include that, with that anything over 40% of repair or replacement is considered null and void—then they have to comply.”

Lyman says residents seeking fencing work will have to go through a permit process.

“We’ve already started on making a new fencing permit,” said Lyman, “that will kind of lay out some of the guidelines in a one-pager for homeowners to take, and walk them through what these new guidelines are, that include what their setback is, and all that stuff. So, right now, we’re kind of putting a pin in approving any additional fences while we get this out the door.”

Anyone with questions regarding the new fencing requirements should contact A.J. Lyman at 712-246-1213 or 712-246-4411.

In other business Tuesday night, the council…

---unanimously accepted the planning and zoning commission’s recommendation to rezone the property located at the corner of Anna Crose Highway and A Avenue from residence district to residence office.

--approved the proposed sale of city-owned property—including lots, vehicles and equipment—at a public auction beginning Saturday at 10 a.m. at Shenandoah Sanitation.

---approved the transfer of possession of 1002 8th Avenue to Rory O’Hearn, allowing him to mow the property, demolish the garage, and commence renovations to the house.

---approved additional duties for City Administrator A.J. Lyman, pertaining to his recent appointment to the Iowa Commission of Volunteer Service

---tabled a citizen’s request for one-side street parking within the 800 block of South Avenue.

---unanimously approved all but one item on the consent agenda, which included appointing Christopher DeLong as a new volunteer firefighter with the Shenandoah Fire Department. By a 4-to-0 vote, the council approved a lease agreement with Ben Hall for Hangar 4 at Shenandoah Regional Airport. Councilman Kim Swank abstained, as Hall is his nephew.