(Shenandoah) -- Empty lots, equipment and vehicles are available for purchase at a special auction in Shenandoah this weekend.

At its regular meeting Tuesday evening, the Shenandoah City Council approved a proposal placing city-owned property for sale at a public auction Saturday. Shenandoah City Administrator A.J. Lyman says the auction begins at 10 a.m. at Shenandoah Sanitation.

"They'll sell all the vehicles, and some of the equipment stuff they have there," said Lyman. "Then from there, it will transition to our Bricker Room at our fire department, just for the amount of paperwork that is involved with the sale of land via auction. It's a nice place out of the way, with some tables and chairs to sit at."

Lyman says up to 16 items are up for sale, including land the city wants to get rid of.

"These are the various properties that the city has acquired over the years," he said, "and either done demolition of, or were deeded these properties in some way, shape or form. We've been responsible for mowing and upkeep for the last handful of years. In some cases, we have sold those lots to neighbors and like in town--I can think of a half-dozen since I've been here. But, these are the remaining ones, and we want to take advantage of the police department paying for an auction. So, we went ahead and put these on there."

Lyman says most of the properties have a minimum price.

"We looked at what the value was assessed at by the county--just for the land price," said Lyman, "because each of these is just bare land, and tried to assess what we thought somebody in that neighborhood would pay for that lot, based on size and valuation, and everything. We tried to be reasonable. We set some pretty reasonable minimum or reserve prices on everything, in the hopes that they'll make some price, and that we'll get some additional homes, or nice garages, or things like that."

In addition, Lyman says Shenandoah Police is placing several impounded vehicles up for auction.

"All of the vehicles the police have had impounded for a certain amount of time," he said, "they notified the former owners of them. They had a certain amount of time to come back and claim them. Those that were left over, the police can now sell."

For more information, contact Shenandoah City Hall at 7120246-1213 or 712-246-4411.