(Shenandoah) -- Shenandoah officials continue to work through the court system to address nuisance properties in the community.

City Attorney Mahlon Sorensen this week updated the Shenandoah City Council on the city's latest efforts. Topping the list of properties is 510 Palm Avenue. Sorensen says the prospects of rehabilitating the city-owned structure appear to be dim.

"I've already had two people look at that house," said Sorensen. "It's going to be difficult to save it. It's pretty small. It's not a prime location. It's going to be hard. I was hoping we could save that one, but it's questionable."

On the other hand, Sorensen says the outlook is brighter from another nuisance structure.

"Within a week, I'll have 900 South Center," he said. "I believe that one, we'll be able to save--I believe."

Sorensen says the city expects to acquire 805 Southwest Road in two-to-three weeks, and 307 North Center within four weeks. Another pending property is 208 East Sheridan. Looking ahead, Sorensen says the city hopes to address issues at 604 and 606 South Center in early 2020. Shenandoah Police Chief Josh Gray says attempts to contact the structures' owners have failed.

"We tried and tried to make contact, but we were unable to get a hold of anybody," said Gray. "We just decided to go about it this way."

Shenandoah Mayor Dick Hunt says he's "tickled" with Sorensen's efforts in tackling nuisance properties.