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Ryan Matheny Highway 59 and Ferguson Rd Shenandoah

(Shenandoah) -- With flooding entering the northwest portion of Shenandoah, city officials are assessing the risk to city facilities.

Perhaps the biggest concern right now is the risk to the city's wastewater treatment plant west of the community. While the plant is still functioning, Shenandoah City Administrator A.J. Lyman says 190th Street--the road leading to the plant--was closed Thursday evening.

"We actually had to stop going in there," said Lyman, "because the water was already encroaching on the drive out there. But, as far as everything goes risk-wise, it would have to go up a couple more feet for us to actually have any issues at the wastewater plant. The one thing that we were concerned about with our digester, the guys were able to kind of shore that up with sandbags, and clay, and the like. So, it shouldn't be too bad there--short of something unexpected happening."

However, Lyman says the city isn't concerned about the city's $12 million water plant. He says protections built around the plant should prevent floodwaters from inundating the structure.

"The water plant, itself, sits up higher than the land around it," he said. "It also has the lagoons out on the north side there that are pretty well elevated. So, it would take quite a bit of water that we are not expecting. It's also not directly on those creeks that kind of do backup like that do at Ferguson and 59. While that is, yes, the lowest part of town, the water plant itself sits up on a rise. So, it should be alright, as far as that goes."

Likewise, Lyman says the city believes Sportsman's Park, the Wilson Aquatic Center and the Park Playhouse are safe.

"Yes, it's low there, but where the water's coming from, we don't think it will get too bad down there," said Lyman. "The thing that we would be the most worried about down there is the parks department's shop--and right now, it's fine."

Lyman says businesses and offices near Highway 59 and Ferguson--as well as Northwest Road--are impacted the most by flooding. In addition, arrangements have been made for truck traffic through the community.

"We worked with Iowa DOT, and we're allowing truck traffic to go down center all the way to Highway 2, then come back in that way up on 59 for folks that need to get trucks into town," he said.

Again, Lyman says truck traffic is allowed from Center Street to Highway 2. He asks semis not to take Sheridan Avenue through downtown Shenandoah to get to Highway 59.