Wilson Aquatic Center in Shenandoah

Wilson Aquatic Center in Shenandoah

(Shenandoah) -- Summer's end is fast approaching--and that means area outdoor swimming pools are closing, as well.

TUESDAY is the last day of the Wilson Aquatic Center's 2019 season. Speaking on KMA's "Morning Line" program Monday morning, Shenandoah Park and Recreation Director Chad Tiemeyer says mid-August is the typical ending date for the pool.

"It's about the same time we normally close," said Tiemeyer. "We've got a lot of lifeguards going back to college, just winding up, or going on last minute vacations before they go back to high school. This was just about the time we had set."

Tiemeyer says pool attendance usually dwindles as the season stretches into August.

"August kind of winds down quite a bit," he said. "The weather's not always as great. The family's are often on vacation right before school starts. There's just a lot of other things to do before going back."

Despite up and down weather conditions, Tiemeyer describes the center's attendance this past summer as "good."

"We probably had the fewest cancellation dates that we've had in the last three years," said Tiemeyer. "Sure it rained a few times, but we didn't get the bad storms like we had the past. That kept us open a few more days."

The pool's season ends with a traditional event aimed at canine swimmers--the annual Doggie Dip Saturday from 2-to-6 p.m. Tiemeyer says the Doggie Dip has been popular with dog owners over the years.

"You have to make sure they're on a leash by the time you get there," he said. "We'll close the gates behind them. They have to be current on all their shots. They have to be six months old. You are welcome to bring toys, have fun. We just ask that if you are going to be in the water, we ask you to stay in the shallow end. Otherwise, just let them swim freely."

Cost is $5 per dog--humans are admitted free. Proceeds from the event go to People for Paws. You can near the full interview with Chad Tiemeyer on our "Morning Line" page at kmaland.com.

Editor's Note: Earlier it was reported the pool's last day of the season is Friday.  The correct last day is Tuesday.