Sidney City Hall

Sidney City Hall

(Sidney) -- Sidney officials are searching for answers in addressing code violations in the community.

Earlier this week, the Sidney City Council discussed the option of hiring a code enforcement officer. Sidney Mayor Paul Hutt tells KMA News the officer would help ensure residents are following city code in areas that may not be getting enough attention.

"There's a lot of things that maybe fall through the cracks as far as our code enforcement," said Hutt. "We try to be as diligent as we can, but obviously, our city workers have got many other things, many other hats to wear besides that. So, we were just looking at a way to possibly be creative, and get some more teeth with that, so that some of our code and ordinances--things like that--are being followed more closely."

Hutt says some violations are constant issues.

"For instance, parking on the right of ways," he said. "Those things come up quite often--that's one right off the top. Lawn mowing, junk vehicles. There's a number of those things that we want to make sure we're staying on top of before they get out of hand."

Hutt, however, says the city wants to do more brainstorming before making a final decision.

"It could be a full time job for someone," said Hutt. "Obviously, there's not the resources for that. We'll come up with a solution, I'm sure. It's just going to take a little bit of time. I think that with everyone looking at it--and the citizens have also expressed concern--I think we'll come up with a good solution."

The mayor adds the city may consult the Fremont County Sheriff's Office for input on code enforcement efforts. More discussion is expected at the next council meeting later this month.