SMC & Shenandoah Schools

(Shenandoah) -- The Shenandoah Community School District and Shenandoah Medical Center are teaming up in an effort to increase employee well-being.

The school district is now offering a corporate wellness program to its employees provided by SMC staff. SMC Marketing Director Ryan Spiegel says the hospital began offering employee wellness programs in the last year to local businesses and organizations.

"It's a real popular thing in the more metropolitan areas, but we're trying to expand on that here in some of our rural communities," said Spiegel. "We are trying to work with businesses and try to bring wellness into their workplace."

Under the new program, Spiegel says hospital staff will coordinate a number of activities and provide services to Shenandoah School District staff.

"We actually come to the site -- to your business," said Spiegel. "We'll help you with doing some lab evaluations. We work with whoever manages your insurance, and we can do some health risk assessments based on those lab evaluations. We even go as far as doing some on-site immunizations, so things like flu vaccines and other immunizations. We can come on-site and do those."

Spiegel says one of the more popular items included in the program is a membership to SMC's Wellness Center for all employees of the participating business.

"We do have a wellness center on our campus that includes a bunch of treadmills, weights and everything that you can imagine -- even some personal training services," said Spiegel. "We work with the business that wants to do a comprehensive wellness plan for their employees."

SMC has partnered with several other area businesses to provide a wellness program during a pilot program phase of the project. He says businesses are seeing increased employee morale and better work attendance, among other things.

"You can see increased productivity and it can even reduce your healthcare costs," said Spiegel. "If you've got an insurance plan through your organization, you can help drive those rates down by participating in that sort of a wellness program. One of the cool things that we see is that it helps recruit new employees to your business if you can offer this sort of comprehensive wellness program in your organization, a lot of new employees really get a kick out of that and think that's a great benefit for them and their families."

Spiegel says the program is open to any business or organization interested in the area. For more information on an employee wellness program, contact Spiegel at (712) 246-7074.