South Page School

(College Springs) -- A shared KMAland superintendent will rely on strong leadership in all three districts this school year.

Earlier this week, the South Page School Board formally approved the sharing of Tim Hood's services with the Sidney and East Mills School Districts. East Mills recently become the third area district with Hood as its superintendent. Hood tells KMA News it takes a good team of principals and administrators for sharing to succeed.

"The sharing of a superintendency does not work very well at all if you don't have good solid administrators on the other end," said Hood. "Shannon Wehling, Kim Payne, Rhonda Sheldon, Dale Scott, Kevin Sutherland, along with business managers, curriculum directors, food service directors and transportation directors--I'm going to forget somebody--the only way it works is if you have very solid people that are very competent in their jobs. I feel very fortunate that I have those people in those positions in all three districts. That's the only reason and the only way it's going to work."

South Page board members also renewed a sharing agreement for Sherri Ruzek's services as business manager with the Shenandoah School District, and approved a sharing agreement with Sidney for TLC Curriculum Director Nancy Rocker. The board also approved the district's leadership team for the 2019-2020 school year under the Teacher Leadership and Compensation program--team leader Kristi Hoskins, and members Amanda Wooten, Sherrill Bowman, Curtis Maassen, and Ashley Meyers. Hood says the leadership team plays an important role in the district.

"We're very appreciative of the group," he said. "They help spearhead different initiatives throughout the year, and make a good sounding board for things."

Each instructor will receive a TLC stipend for serving on the team. Board members also approved the contract of Elementary Instructor Brittney Cullen for this school year, and approved the resignation of High School Business Instructor Tina Miller.