Wabash Trace

Wabash Trace

(Shenandoah) -- Efforts to support southwest Iowa's trail system are getting a big boost from KMA.

During KMA's "Dean and Friends" program Monday morning, KMA General Sales Manager Sandy Hansen announced that Southwest Iowa Nature Trails is the station's nonprofit project for the 2019-2020 fiscal year. Hansen says Southwest Iowa Nature Trails was selected from among nine nonprofit organizations applying for assistance from KMA in promoting events and fundraisers.

"We did vote amongst the staff," said Hansen. "Pretty much the whole staff looks at all the applications, and we boil it down and decide what's the best way we can serve the most. They are the managing entity for the Wabash Trace Nature Trail. As many people know, it's a 63-mile route that's a railhead that was converted into a nature trail. And, it runs from Council Bluffs to the Missouri border."

It's the second year that KMA is assisting a nonprofit entity as a station commitment.

"Just like all businesses, we get solicited from lots of nonprofit donations," she said. "We decide, 'you know, we really were doing them a disservice by sprinkling our efforts out like a shotgun. We decided to choose one major entity to really get behind, and really give them all the stuff we have--creative juices, and all our multimedia platforms, and creating ideas--all the things we do so well."

In addition to traditional radio advertising, Hansen says the selected nonprofit will receive everything the KMA staff has to offer. She noted that Southwest Iowa Families--last year's recipient--received, at minimum, $50,000 in marketing value to promote their services in the past year.

"We came up with a customized plan--just like if they were a regular advertiser for us," said Hansen. "So, their plan included lots of frequency on the radio all year long to build awareness. We did monthly interviews with people from their office. We had adds on our website all year long for them. We had a video prepared for them in the pre-roll, and we did lots of Facebook posts. So, that was just the way we customized it for them."

Area organizations were encouraged to apply through June 28th. Runners up in this year's application process were Connections Area Agency on Aging and Project Response.