Red Oak Tigers

(Red Oak) -- Planning continues for a new school year--and new era--in the Red Oak School District.

Classes begin inside Red Oak's new junior-senior high school facility August 23rd. Red Oak's School Board reviewed recent moving operations at its regular meeting Monday evening. Superintendent Tom Messinger tells KMA News scores of volunteers helped make the move a one-day effort.

"We've got the trailer and the storage pods unloaded into the classrooms, and delivered into each room," said Messinger. "The teachers are able to get in there, and get their stuff unpacked now. It went really well. They got everything unloaded from the trailers and everything on Friday. Thanks to the number of volunteers who participated and came out, it went a lot quicker than anticipated."

Messinger says students, staff and other community members participated in Friday's operations. He says all but the high school's new gym should be ready for the first day of school.

"There's still come cleaning and unpacking," he said. "Furniture is still being installed in certain locations in there. We know we're not going to have the new gym right away at the beginning of the school year. But the rest of the school building is getting the final preparations made, so that we can get going on the 23rd."

Messinger says the new gym won't be ready until after Christmas break in January.

"The gym floor has to be installed once the cement cures," said Messinger. "Once that's installed, then the bleachers will also be installed. The painting's done in there. The volleyball standards, the basketball hoops have all been installed. So, it's waiting for that cement to cure, waiting for that floor to be installed, and the bleachers to be put in."

The superintendent says volunteers also assisted with installation of new playground equipment at Inman Primary School. In other business, the board approved the bid for concrete work connected with the Red Oak Early Childhood Center's playground equipment.

"There was a lot of old asphalt that was removed this summer to prepare for a new playground," he said. "Fencing was removed. So now, the board has approved the fencing to be installed, and the new concrete to be put in place. So, we'll be getting it ready for the school year, as well."

Board members also approved plans for improvements to Russ Benda Field's public address system, tennis court resurfacing and fire sprinkler inspections at both Inman Elementary School and the junior-senior high school. Messinger made his comments on KMA's 7:05 newscast Tuesday morning.