High School Football

(KMAland) -- The Iowa High School Athletic Association released the complete 2020 football schedules on Thursday morning.

Here is the complete master KMAland conference football schedule. Enjoy.

Week 1 — August 28th 

Albia at Mount Ayr

Ar-We-Va at West Bend-Mallard

Atlantic at Underwood

Audubon at St. Mary’s, Remsen

Bedford at Mormon Trail 

Boyer Valley at River Valley 

Cardinal at Wayne

Central Decatur at Southwest Valley

Clarinda at Clarke

Coon Rapids-Bayard at Harris-Lake Park

Creston/Orient-Macksburg at Boone

Denison-Schleswig at Abraham Lincoln

East Mills at Lamoni

Glenwood at Sioux City West

Glidden-Ralston at Graettinger-Terril/Ruthven-Ayrshire

Grand View Christian at CAM, Anita

Kuemper Catholic at South Central Calhoun 

LeMars at Sioux Center

Lewis Central at Sergeant Bluff-Luton 

Martensdale-St. Marys at Lenox

Melcher-Dallas at Griswold

Missouri Valley at Logan-Magnolia

Murray at East Union

Newell-Fonda at Exira/Elk Horn-Kimballton

Nodaway Valley at West Central Valley

Red Oak at Riverside

Shenandoah at AHSTW

Sioux City East at Bishop Heelan Catholic

Sioux City North at South Sioux City

Southeast Warren at Fremont-Mills

St. Albert at Treynor

Stanton-Essex at Seymour/Moulton-Udell

Thomas Jefferson at Harlan 

Tri-Center at IKM-Manning

Twin Cedars at Moravia

West Harrison at Siouxland Christian 

West Monona at Sidney

Woodbine at Kingsley-Pierson 

Week 2 — September 3rd/4th

Abraham Lincoln at Des Moines North

AHSTW at Missouri Valley

Atlantic at Kuemper Catholic

Audubon at Newell-Fonda

CAM, Anita at Martensdale-St. Marys

Dallas Center-Grimes at Lewis Central

Des Moines Hoover at Sioux City North

Exira/Elk Horn-Kimballton at Kingsley-Pierson

Glenwood at Sergeant Bluff-Luton

Graettinger-Terril/Ruthven-Ayrshire at Coon Rapids-Bayard

Griswold at Grand View Christian 

Harlan at ADM, Adel

Harris-Lake Park at Glidden-Ralston

IKM-Manning at ACGC

Lamoni at Fremont-Mills

Lenox at Melcher-Dallas

Logan-Magnolia at St. Albert

Moravia at Winfield-Mount Union

Mormon Trail at East Union

Mount Ayr at Nodaway Valley 

Murray at East Mills

Omaha South at Thomas Jefferson

Panorama at Clarinda

River Valley at West Harrison

Riverside at West Monona 

Seymour/Moulton-Udell at Bedford 

Sidney at Shenandoah

Sioux Center at Bishop Heelan Catholic

Sioux City East at LeMars

Siouxland Christian at Woodbine

South Sioux City at Sioux City West (September 3rd)

Southwest Valley at Red Oak

St. Mary’s, Remsen at Ar-We-Va

Stanton-Essex at Southeast Warren

Storm Lake at Denison-Schleswig

Treynor at Woodbury Central 

Twin Cedars at WACO

Underwood at Tri-Center

Wayne at Central Decatur 

West Bend-Mallard at Boyer Valley

Winterset at Creston/Orient-Macksburg

Week 3 — September 10th/11th 

Abraham Lincoln at Des Moines Roosevelt

AHSTW at Underwood

Bishop Heelan Catholic at Lewis Central 

CAM, Anita at Griswold

Central Decatur at Nodaway Valley

Clarinda at Treynor

Coon Rapids-Bayard at Ar-We-Va

Creston/Orient-Macksburg at Centerville

Denison-Schleswig at Thomas Jefferson

East Mills at Lenox

East Sac County at IKM-Manning

East Union at Stanton-Essex

Exira/Elk Horn-Kimballton at Audubon

Fort Dodge at Sioux City North (September 10th)

Fremont-Mills at Bedford

Glidden-Ralston at Boyer Valley

Grand View Christian at Seymour/Moulton-Udell

Kuemper Catholic at OABCIG

LeMars at Central Lyon/George-Little Rock

Logan-Magnolia at Sidney

Martensdale-St. Marys at Lamoni

Melcher-Dallas at Mormon Trail 

Missouri Valley at Tri-Center 

Montezuma at Twin Cedars

Mount Ayr at Atlantic

New London at Moravia

Red Oak at Clarke

Riverside at Westwood

Sergeant Bluff-Luton at Harlan

Sioux City West at Des Moines Hoover

Southeast Warren at Murray

Southwest Valley at Shenandoah

St. Albert at Earlham

Wayne at Colfax-Mingo

WDM Valley at Sioux City East

Winterset at Glenwood

Woodbine at West Harrison

Week 4 — September 18th

ADM, Adel at Creston/Orient-Macksburg

Ar-We-Va at Audubon

Bedford at CAM, Anita

Bishop Heelan Catholic at Denison-Schleswig

Boyer Valley at Woodbine

Coon Rapids-Bayard at Exira/Elk Horn-Kimballton

Des Moines Hoover at Abraham Lincoln

Earlham at Central Decatur 

East Mills at Stanton-Essex

English Valleys at Moravia

Greene County at Kuemper Catholic

Griswold at Fremont-Mills

Harlan at Spencer

IKM-Manning at AHSTW

Lamoni at Grand View Christian 

Lawton-Bronson at St. Albert

Lenox at East Union

Lewis Central at Norwalk

MOC-Floyd Valley at LeMars

Mormon Trail at Southeast Warren

Murray at Melcher-Dallas

Nodaway Valley at Southwest Valley

Panorama at Mount Ayr

Pekin at Wayne

Sergeant Bluff-Luton at Sioux City East

Seymour/Moulton-Udell at Martensdale-St. Marys

Shenandoah at Riverside

Sidney at Red Oak

Sioux City North at Des Moines Roosevelt 

Sioux City West at Des M Moines East

Thomas Jefferson at Glenwood

Treynor at Atlantic

Tri-Center at Logan-Magnolia

Twin Cedars at Lone Tree

Underwood at Clarinda

West Harrison at Glidden-Ralston

Westwood at Missouri Valley

Week 5 — September 25th

Abraham Lincoln at Urbandale

AHSTW at Southwest Valley

Atlantic at Greene County

Audubon at West Harrison

Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley at Sergeant Bluff-Luton

Boyer Valley at Coon Rapids-Bayard 

Carroll at Denison-Schleswig

Creston/Orient-Macksburg at Lewis Central 

East Union at CAM, Anita

Fremont-Mills at East Mills

Glenwood at Harlan

Glidden-Ralston at Exira/Elk Horn-Kimballton

Grand View Christian at Murray

Lamoni at Mormon Trail 

Lenox at Griswold

Logan-Magnolia at Westwood

Madrid at Nodaway Valley

Melcher-Dallas at Martensdale-St. Marys

Missouri Valley at OABCIG

Moravia at Baxter

Mount Ayr at Pleasantville 

MVAOCOU at Underwood

Pella Christian at Central Decatur 

Red Oak at Clarinda

Shenandoah at Des Moines Christian 

Sioux City East at Sioux City West

Sioux City North at Thomas Jefferson

Southeast Warren at Seymour/Moulton-Udell

Spencer at LeMars

St. Albert at Riverside

Stanton-Essex at Bedford

Storm Lake at Bishop Heelan Catholic

Treynor at East Sac County

Tri-Center at Sidney

Wayne at Woodward Academy

West Central Valley at Kuemper Catholic

Winfield-Mount Union at Twin Cedars

Woodbine at Ar-We-Va

Woodbury Central at IKM-Manning

Week 6 — October 1st/2nd

Abraham Lincoln at Sioux City West (October 1st)

AHSTW at Sidney

Ankeny at Thomas Jefferson

Ar-We-Va at Glidden-Ralston 

Audubon at Boyer Valley 

Bedford at Lenox

Bishop Heelan Catholic at Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley 

CAM, Anita at East Mills

Central Decatur at Pleasantville 

Clarinda at Atlantic

Colfax-Mingo at Mount Ayr

Denison-Schleswig at Harlan

Des Moines North at Sioux City North

Exira/Elk Horn-Kimballton at Woodbine

Fremont-Mills at East Union

Glenwood at Creston/Orient-Macksburg

Griswold at Stanton-Essex

Kuemper Catholic at ACGC

LeMars at Sergeant Bluff-Luton

Lewis Central at Carroll

Logan-Magnolia at Ridge View

Martensdale-St. Marys at Southeast Warren

Mormon Trail at Grand View Christian 

Murray at Lamoni

MVAOCOU at Missouri Valley

Nodaway Valley at Ogden

Red Oak at Shenandoah 

Riverside at Tri-Center 

Seymour/Moulton-Udell at Melcher-Dallas

Sioux City East at Fort Dodge 

Southwest Valley at St. Albert 

Tri-County at Twin Cedars

Underwood at Treynor

WACO at Moravia

Wayne at Madrid

West Harrison at Coon Rapids-Bayard

West Monona at IKM-Manning

Week 7 — October 9th

Atlantic at Des Moines Christian 

Bishop Heelan Catholic at Spencer

Boyer Valley at Ar-We-Va

CAM, Anita at Lenox

Coon Rapids-Bayard at Woodbine

Creston/Orient-Macksburg at Denison-Schleswig

East Mills at Bedford

East Sac County at Underwood

East Union at Griswold 

Exira/Elk Horn-Kimballton at West Harrison

Glidden-Ralston at Audubon 

Grand View Christian at Martensdale-St. Marys

Greene County at Red Oak

Harlan at Carroll 

IKM-Manning at Ridge View

Interstate 35, Truro at Central Decatur 

Kuemper Catholic at Woodward-Granger

Lamoni at Seymour/Moulton-Udell

LeMars at Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley

Lewis Central at Glenwood 

Missouri Valley at Treynor

Moravia at Montezuma

Mormon Trail at Murray 

Nodaway Valley at Wayne

Pella Christian at Mount Ayr

Sergeant Bluff-Luton at Storm Lake

Shenandoah at Clarinda

Sidney at Riverside

Sioux City North at Abraham Lincoln

Sioux City West at Indianola 

Southeast Warren at Melcher-Dallas

Southwest Valley at Tri-Center

St. Albert at AHSTW

Stanton-Essex at Fremont-Mills

Thomas Jefferson at Sioux City East

Twin Cedars at English Valleys

Woodbury Central at Logan-Magnolia

Week 8 — October 15th/16th 

Abraham Lincoln at Thomas Jefferson

Ar-We-Va at Exira/Elk Horn-Kimballton

Atlantic at Shenandoah 

Audubon at Coon Rapids-Bayard

Bedford at Griswold

Carroll at Glenwood

Central Decatur at Colfax-Mingo

Clarinda at Greene County

Denison-Schleswig at Lewis Central 

Des Moines Christian at Red Oak

Des Moines Roosevelt at Sioux City East (October 15th)

Earlham at Nodaway Valley

East Mills at East Union

Fremont-Mills at CAM, Anita

Harlan at Creston/Orient-Macksburg

IKM-Manning at Westwood

Lenox at Stanton-Essex

Lone Tree at Moravia

Martensdale-St. Marys at Mormon Trail 

Melcher-Dallas at Lamoni

Missouri Valley at East Sac County

Mount Ayr at Interstate 35, Truro

OABICG at Underwood

Ogden at Wayne

Sergeant Bluff-Luton at Bishop Heelan Catholic 

Riverside at AHSTW

Seymour/Moulton-Udell at Murray

Sidney at Southwest Valley

Sioux City West at Sioux City North

Southeast Warren at Grand View Christian 

Storm Lake at LeMars

Treynor at MVAOCOU

Tri-Center at St. Albert

Twin Cedars at Meskwaki Settlement School

Van Meter at Kuemper Catholic

West Harrison at Boyer Valley

West Monona at Logan-Magnolia

Woodbine at Glidden-Ralston

Week 9 — October 23rd 

AHSTW at Tri-Center

Boyer Valley at Exira/Elk Horn-Kimballton 

Clarinda at Des Moines Christian 

Creston/Orient-Macksburg at Carroll

East Union at Bedford

Glenwood at Denison-Schleswig

Glidden-Ralston at Coon Rapids-Bayard

Grand View Christian at Melcher-Dallas

Greene County at Shenandoah 

Griswold at East Mills

Kuemper Catholic at Panorama, Panora

Lamoni at Southeast Warren

LeMars at Bishop Heelan Catholic

Lenox at Fremont-Mills

Lewis Central at Harlan

Logan-Magnolia at IKM-Manning

Mount Ayr at Central Decatur 

Moravia at Tri-County

Mormon Trail at Seymour/Moulton-Udell

Murray at Martensdale-St. Marys

New London at Twin Cedars

Red Oak at Atlantic

Sioux City East at Abraham Lincoln 

Sioux City North at Marshalltown 

Southwest Valley at Riverside

Spencer at Sergeant Bluff-Luton

St. Albert at Sidney

Stanton-Essex at CAM, Anita

Thomas Jefferson at Sioux City West

Treynor at OABCIG

Underwood at Missouri Valley

Wayne at Earlham

West Harrison at Ar-We-Va

Woodbine at Audubon

Woodward Academy at Nodaway Valley