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(KMAland) -- The Corner Conference has released its All-Conference teams for the 2019 season.

The first and second teams, and honorable mention can be found below. Players highlighted in bold are the elite selections.


Alex Knop, SR, East Mills

Kelsey Hobbie, SR, Sidney

Olivia Larsen, SR, Sidney

Lexi Ungry, SR, East Mills

Rachel Wietzki, SR, Fremont-Mills

Dezirae Drake, SR, East Mills

Tara Peterson, JR, Stanton

Rachel Drake, JR, East Mills


Maddy Duncan, SR, Sidney

Presley Brumbaugh, SR, Sidney

Jenna Stephens, FR, Stanton

Loryn Peterson, SR, Griswold

Kaelynn Driskell, SO, Fremont-Mills

Kaylor Horgdal, JR, East Mills

Marleigh Johnson, FR, Stanton

Brooklyn Adams, JR, Stanton


Emily Williams, FR, East Mills

Elizabeth Bartles, SR, Fremont-Mills

Kami Tibben, SR, Stanton

Paige Smith, JR, Sidney

Jocelyn Amos, SR, Griswold

Riley Jensen, SO, Essex