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(KMAland) -- Exira/Elk Horn-Kimballton multi-sport standout Cole Burmeister had plenty of options when it came time to choose a college.

The standout football, basketball and baseball star had his choice of sports before he had his choice of schools. However, a lifelong dream of playing college basketball led him to choose the hardwood.

“I had three sports up in the air and not really knowing what I wanted to play,” Burmeister said. “After basketball season, I finally decided that was the sport I wanted to pursue.”

After several visits, the standout point guard that averaged 16.4 points and had 184 assists and 78 steals decided Iowa Central Community College in Fort Dodge was the place for him.

“I like that they run and shoot a lot of 3s,” Burmeister said. “I went up to a couple games this year, and I was just really impressed with the way they let them play and the respect the players all have for (the coaches). It really rubbed off, and I thought that was the right move.”

With the college decision out of the way, Burmeister is excited to get going on his future in turf management.

“It came down to the academic side of things,” he said. “I’m hoping to study turf and one day work on a golf course. Iowa Central had a lot of opportunities after the two-year school either transferring to a four-year or getting a good job right out of college.”

Burmeister was a guest on Thursday’s KMAland Catch Up. Listen to the complete interview linked here.