Mindy Lorimor

(Tabor) -- Each weekday from now until August 26th, KMA Sports will be announcing the inaugural KMA Sports Hall of Fame class. Throughout the 2016-17 sports year, these 20 inductees will have special induction ceremonies, but August is designed for the announcements.

Today's inductee is one of the great softball pitchers KMAland has ever seen. Mindy Lorimor finished her Fremont-Mills career with 1,499 strikeouts, countless wins and a trip to the state softball tournament.

Lorimor's influence on the sport in the Fremont-Mills community and KMAland overall continues to this day. But all of her great feats and accomplishments didn't come without a lot of hard work.

"I was probably in third or fourth grade," Lorimor remembered, "and I was just messing around one day at the school. I just pretend pitched a pop bottle or something, and (my mom) struck up the idea to me about starting lessons."

Lorimor didn't just "start" lessons. She became engulfed in the sport, spending nearly every single day from her fifth grade year until she graduated working with her mother (Leonetta) and pitching coach (Jerrad Hardin of Omaha).

"It took a lot of practice and a lot of time," she said. "But it also took a lot of people to push me, too, because I needed a lot of motivation as well. I'm not going to say I woke up super excited to go to practice, but you look back on it and you definitely miss those practices."

Lorimor would become the rare five-year pitcher at Fremont-Mills, leading the Knights to the state tournament in 2008 as a freshman. In the regular season that year, she sported a 0.00 ERA heading into the tournament in Fort Dodge. 

Mindy says she often looks back on old pictures and misses playing with her former teammates and friends. However, there are two memories that really stand out to her from her days as a prep hurler.

"I'll never forget my two 21-strikeout perfect games," she said. "(They were) three years apart almost - two days shy of that. That's probably the biggest moment. I didn't even know that was possible once let alone twice."

Lorimor went to play two years at South Dakota State and two at Minot State in North Dakota. In the latter two of those four collegiate seasons, Lorimor won a combined 42 games for the Buckshots. 

Lorimor, now working in Mesa, Arizona, will be inducted as part of the inaugural class of the KMA Sports Hall of Fame at a later date to be determined.

KMA Sports will announce a new inductee each August weekday morning during the 7:50 AM sportscast. Track the Hall of Fame announcements/inductees below:


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