KMA Sports Rock Port Hall of Fame

(KMAland) -- A state track champion is our third of four KMA Sports Hall of Fame teams that will be inducted into the 2017-18 class.

The Rock Port girl's track champion from 2008 will celebrate their 10-year anniversary of that terrific feat this upcoming spring. And with it, they will be enshrined in the KMA Sports Hall of Fame.

"We had 23 girls out for track that year," Coach Jan Burke said on KMA's Upon Further Review Wednesday. "We ended up taking 13 of them down to the state meet. A lot of them scored. We had three state champions and a lot of other points came from (two) fourth place finishes and a sixth place."

The Jays proved to be very strong in the field events, getting state championships from Laura Graybill in the high jump and Kyleigh Parrish in the discus. Their 4x800 team of Elyssa Ellison, Abbey Lawrence, Karley Evans and Leslie Alitz also ran to a state title.

"I thought we had a chance (to win the state championship)," Burke said, "but it was going to be hard. We got together on Friday night, and I told them it was possible. I remember looking at Laura Graybill in the high jump and Kyleigh Parrish in the discus, and I said: 'We need this. You gotta win. We need the points.' And they did. It was kind of a really exciting moment."

Other members of the Rock Port team that year included Bailey Anderson, Chelsea Ashford, Stephanie Burge, Hayley Christian, Chelsea Cooper, Kaci Demott, Laura Garst, Emily Graham, Larissa Kirkland, Jessica Salmond, Kori Sheldon, Jordan Thomas, Tanya Thompson, Hanna Vette, Makayla Vette, Kassie Wilson and Rachel Young.

Burke was assisted by Afton Demott and Mandy Raithel.

The 2008 state track champion from Rock Port will be officially inducted into the KMA Sports Hall of Fame on January 5th. To hear the full interview with Coach Burke click here.

A KMA Sports Hall of Fame announcement will be made on Upon Further Review at 11:50 AM each weekday until August 28th.

2017-18 KMA Sports Hall of Fame Announcement Schedule

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Monday, August 28th — Legacy Award