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(KMAland) -- The KMA Sports Hall of Fame introduces the Legacy Award.

The Legacy Award was established as a way to highlight individuals and groups that have had major impacts and influences on KMAland athletics. The first recipient of the Legacy Award is the Eberly family from Clarinda.

The Eberlys have operated the Clarinda A's program for 63 years, creating opportunities for athletes in the area and across the nation.

"We are really humbled by the award," Pat Eberly said on Monday's Upon Furhter Review. "Whenever Merl received an award, he thanked family members, the people that worked with him for over 30 years and his advertising people for cooperating so he can do what he did."

"Our community supports the program financially through the board auxiliary members and parents. We couldn't go for 63 years without that. And our alumni have always been supportive."

"The community is just wonderful. The relationships are the greatest. Merl felt this is one way he could give back to the community. The wins and losses were important, but it was also more important to develop a relationship and trust between the players."

Eberly reminisced on several of her top memories, including the 1981 NBC championship.

"That really sealed the deal," she said. "As some of our players have said, going to the World Series in Wichita is as close as they will get to the College World Series. It really showcases the team and the community."

Listen to the complete interview with Eberly here. View below the complete list of KMA Sports Hall of Fame members for the 2017-18 class, and be on the look out for upcoming induction ceremonies in your area.

2017-18 KMA Sports Hall of Fame

Monday, July 31st — Taylor Kaufman, Glenwood (Baseball)

Tuesday, August 1st — 2007 Stanton State Champion (Football)

Wednesday, August 2nd — Kyle Canoyer, Riverside (Wrestling)

Thursday, August 3rd — Gary Bergstrom, Griswold (Coach)

Friday, August 4th — 1998 Riverside State Qualifier (Softball)

Monday, August 7th — Madison Keysor, Treynor (Softball)

Tuesday, August 8th — Abby Schlater, St. Albert (Soccer)

Wednesday, August 9th — Linda Rowe, Glenwood (Track & Field)

Thursday, August 10th — Terry Graham, Sidney (Track & Field)

Friday, August 11th — Kirk Schuler, Red Oak (Tennis)

Monday, August 14th — Kristin Kovar, Clarinda (Tennis)

Tuesday, August 15th — Brandy Ossian, Essex (Basketball)

Wednesday, August 16th — Kyle & Jill Marcum, Clarinda (Golf)

Thursday, August 17th — Kara Paul, Red Oak (Volleyball)

Friday, August 18th — Cary Cochran, Tri-Center (Basketball)

Monday, August 21st — Suzanne Youngberg-Rigg, Essex (Cross Country)

Tuesday, August 22nd — Todd Millikan, Shenandoah (Football)

Wednesday, August 23rd — 2008 Rock Port Girls State Track Champion (Team)

Thursday, August 24th — Rick O'Rourke, Villisca (Cross Country)

Friday, August 25th — 1998 Lenox Girls State Basketball Qualifier (Team)

Monday, August 28th — Eberly Family (Legacy Award)