(KMAland) -- Big movement in the Class 1A/2A rankings this week with Underwood climbing five spots to the No. 3 spot. 

As always, KMAland conferences considered are the Hawkeye Ten, Corner, Western Iowa, Pride of Iowa and Rolling Valley. Also included are Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson and select Bluegrass Conference schools.

Here’s a look at the new-look rankings:


1. Abraham Lincoln (36-3): They've won five tournaments this year. There's one left. (LW: 1)

2. Red Oak (30-6): A 6-1 week, including another strong victory over Lewis Central keeps the Tigers in the No. 2 position. (LW: 2)

3. Lewis Central (27-6): Understandable losses to the top two teams in this poll, and the four-set win over Kuemper is still pretty fresh. (LW: 3)

4. Kuemper Catholic (32-4): There was some serious consideration to moving Kuemper to No. 2, but this is about the strongest No. 4 you'll ever find. The Knights topped 4A No. 1 Sergeant Bluff-Luton this past week. Yeesh. (LW: 4)

5. Glenwood (28-12): They had a 3-4 week, but their losses were to Lewis Central, Sidney, Abraham Lincoln and Kuemper. (LW: 5)


1. Sidney (32-6): The Cowgirls dropped a couple matches this past week, falling to Abraham Lincoln and Red Oak. They're still numero uno. (LW: 1)

2. St. Albert (21-9): The Saintes went 2-0 and enter the tournament trail at No. 2. (LW: 2)

3. Underwood (28-5): That's more like it. When Underwood is on their game, they might be the best team 1A/2A team in KMAland. Yeah, I said it. (LW: 8)

4. East Mills (22-7): East Mills went 4-1 this past week with their only loss coming outside of the area. They also nabbed a win over state-ranked Gilbert. (LW: 3)

5. Southwest Valley (23-5): Their win streak was snapped with a loss to Class 3A's Shenandoah. Still, they won the POI in dominant fashion. (LW: 4)

6. Logan-Magnolia (19-7): A big time sweep of Tri-Center in the WIC semifinals before coming up short in the final against Underwood. (LW: 7)

7. Tri-Center (21-15): The Trojans repaid Treynor for their five-set loss, and they did it without Presley Pogge. Here's to her healthy return tonight - fingers crossed. (LW: 6)

8. Glidden-Ralston (18-4): The Wildcats ran through the Rolling Valley Conference Tournament's first two rounds before taking a five-set win AT Coon Rapids-Bayard. So, that's an RVC title sweep. (LW: 9)

9. Treynor (17-19): Tough week with some losses to some very good teams - Underwood, Tri-Center, Lewis Central, Red Oak and Glenwood. None of these are bad losses. (LW: 5)

10. Nodaway Valley (18-6): The Wolverines came up short in the POI final, but they got there. And that's worth noting. (LW: 10)

11. Coon Rapids-Bayard (21-9): A very difficult loss in the RVC final to Glidden-Ralston, but it happens. (LW: 9)

12. Stanton (20-14): One match for the week, one win. The Viqueens are ready for the tournament trail. (LW: 13)

13. AHSTW (19-13): The WIC consolation night really did a number on what I thought I knew. The Lady Vikes beat Riverside and Audubon, but they lost to IKM-Manning. (LW: 15)

14. Riverside (23-12): A 3-1 night on their home floor on WIC consolation night with the lone loss in three to AHSTW. (LW: 14)

15. Lenox (17-9): A third place finish for Lenox in the POI Tournament is a huge stepping stone for the program. In fact, the whole season has been. (LW: 16)

As always, these rankings are volatile and change quickly. I’m not so much worried about what happened two or three weeks ago, as I am what is going on recently.

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