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(KMAland) – The All-Decade Series moved on to Dunlap and Dow City and Arion and Moorhead and Soldier and so on and so forth yesterday.

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Just so we are all on the same page, each poll will run 24 hours + to 9:00 AM the next day. For instance, the Boyer Valley poll that started yesterday afternoon will run until Wednesday morning at 9 AM. Today’s poll will run until Thursday at 9 AM. I hope that answers any further questions. And now…


Boyer Valley Football 2017

FOOTBALL – Record: 46-42. The Bulldogs had five state playoff appearances, including first round wins in 2010 and 2013. The other appearances came in 2011, 2014 and 2017. In total, seven of their nine seasons were above .500.

VOLLEYBALL – Record: 121-130. BV had four winning seasons during the decade, and they also had a .500 mark and a season each of two and three under .500. They’ve generally been competitive through the decade.

CROSS COUNTRY – The boys cross country team qualified for state in 2013 and 2016 and finished seventh in both years.

GIRLS BASKETBALL – Record: 110-114. Very similar to the football and volleyball. They had three straight winning seasons from the 2014-15 to 2017-18 seasons, including a combined 28-8 mark in those final two years. They were also 14-7 in the 2009-10 year.

BOYS BASKETBALL – Record: 150-75. What a heck of a decade for the Bulldogs. They had a winning season every single year of the decade except for the most recent season when they were 10-12. And with what they have coming back, I’d expect more wins than losses in 19-20.

GOLF – You know they love their golf at Boyer Valley. They had a boys state qualifier in 2013 (8th place finish) and girl’s qualifiers in 2016, 2017 and 2019.

TRACK & FIELD – I count 12 medals in individual events during the course of the decade. And they came from…

-Justin Ambrose (Class of 2019): Ambrose ran in the infamous 1A 3200 meter run this past year and finished in seventh.

-Zach Ambrose (Class of 2017): He had seven total medals in his career, but four of them were individual. A second, a fourth, a sixth and a seventh.

-Kelsey Bentz (Class of 2010): Bentz placed sixth in the high jump.

-Holly Brock (Class of 2014): Brock was eighth in the shot put.

-Connor Garrett (Class of 2017): He was an eighth-place finisher in the 1600.

-Christian Klein (Class of 2016): He finished eighth in the discus

-Jalen Malone (Class of 2018): He owns an eighth-place medal in the discus.

-Cole McAllister (Class of 2012): He placed eighth in the discus.

-Jake Weber (Class of 2014): He was eighth in the 3200.

I’m going to call it – Boyer Valley has the most 8th place medals of all KMAland schools (may or may not be true).

SOFTBALL – Record: 94-154. There were some lean years at times during the decade, but the golden era came from 2015 through 2017 when they had three straight winnings seasons and a 53-31 combined record.

BASEBALL – Record: 38-149. Boyer Valley had their best summer of the decade last year when they were 7-12.


Zach Ambrose (Class of 2017)

Ambrose had seven state track medals in his career and placed ninth at the state cross country meet in 2017.

Dylan Berens (Class of 2020)

Berens and his twin brother Lucas are beastly dudes that have had major impacts in multiple sports, including this past basketball season when he finished with 11.0 points and 7.6 rebounds per game. He also had 44.5 tackles this past football season.

Lucas Berens (Class of 2020)

Lucas Berens, Boyer Valley.jpg

Pictured: Lucas Berens, Boyer Valley

Another Berens brother, Lucas was the leading scorer for this year’s Bulldogs with 13.5 points and 7.1 rebounds per game.

Chase Bonsall (Class of 2014)

Bonsall was a do-everything standout in hoops, especially in his senior season when he averaged 10.9 points and 7.0 rebounds while also leading the team in assists (82), steals (62) and blocks (25).

Kyle Brosamle (Class of 2011)

A standout shooter that scored over 1,000 points in his final three seasons. He averaged 15.7 as a sophomore, 16.0 as a junior and 14.3 as a senior.

Tyler Brummer (Class of 2019)

An absolute stud track standout in the hurdles and jumps that dominated the area and the conference. He was also the leading tackler (56.5 total, 9 solos for loss) for the football team this year.

Ashli Dunham (Class of 2010)

From the Class of 2010, Dunham only got to make an impact for one-eighth of her career in this decade. She averaged 15.3 points and 12.2 rebounds per game and had a team-high 81 steals and 26 blocks in a dominant senior season. She was also a really good softball player, finishing her senior season with a .403/.557/.528 line.

Jessica Fokken (Class of 2020)

Fokken had a breakthrough junior volleyball season that was completely dominant with 3.45 kills per set and a terrific .322 kill efficiency.

Adam Hadden (Class of 2011)

A star on the gridiron that had 755 passing, 883 rushing and 27 total touchdowns in his senior season, he was also a powerful pitcher that had 179 strikeouts in his final two baseball summers.

Michael Hanigan (Class of 2013)

A complete star in football, Hanigan threw for 912 yards, rushed for 1,160 and had 34 total touchdowns in his senior year. He also had 1,327 yards and 23 touchdowns on the ground in his junior year. He was also the leading assist man in his junior and senior years of basketball and scored over 300 points in his final year on the hardcourt.

Shelby Houston (Class of 2011)

Houston had a monster senior basketball season with 14.7 points per game and also led the Bulldogs with 60 steals and 37 assists. In softball, she hit .364/.462/.532 as a senior and an even better .451/.516/.573 as a junior.

Nisha Hull (Class of 2012)

This might seem a little self-serving since Nisha is my cousin, but she put up some really monstrous rebounding numbers, especially when she averaged 12.3 boards as a senior. She also led her team in scoring, assists and steals that year and went for 7.4 points and 9.4 boards as a junior, and she was a multi-time state track qualifier.

Amy Klein (Class of 2015)

Klein had a pair of huge volleyball seasons in her final two years, averaging 2.76 and 2.67 kills per set as junior and senior, respectively.

Christian Klein (Class of 2016)

Along with a state track medal, Klein was one of the top defensive players in the area during his time. He had 80.5 total tackles, 17 solo tackles for loss and 11 solo sacks in his senior year. He also had 60, 14 and 8 in his junior year.

Jalen Malone (Class of 2018)

Jalen Malone & Joe Weber, Boyer Valley

Malone – another with a state track medal in an individual event – was an all-around standout in multiple sports. He had eight solo tackles for loss and three solo sacks in his senior football year, and he finished his basketball career with over 800 points and 600 rebounds.

Candice Mefferd (Class of 2016)

Mefferd’s 2016 volleyball season was one of the best of the decade, as she averaged 2.95 kills per set and had 27 blocks.

Nick Miller (Class of 2012)

Miller was a star on defense for the Bulldogs’ successful run. He had 101 tackles, five solo tackles for loss and seven solo sacks during his senior season. He also had 92.5 tackles as a junior.

Anna Puck (Class of 2018)

Anna Puck Boyer Valley Golf.jpg

Anna Puck, Boyer Valley

An underrated standout for Boyer Valley’s really solid volleyball and basketball teams, Puck had 1,291 digs in her volleyball career and had 460 assists and 332 steals in basketball. And in her junior softball season, she hit .414/.500/.457. Just a really, really good all-around athlete.

Grace Reineke (Class of 2018)

Reineke was the starting pitcher for five years and finished her career with 567 strikeouts.

Cody Thoreson (Class of 2015)

Thoreson is another one of the standout quarterbacks during BV’s solid decade of football. He had 1,889 passing yards and 21 touchdowns in his senior year and 1,482 and 19 as a junior. He also had over 600 points, over 130 assists and over 100 steals in his final two basketball seasons.

Craig Warnock (Class of 2012)

Warnock was a dude on the diamond with a .404/.494/.561 line at the plate in his senior season. He also hit .340/.470/.585 as a junior and .318/.444/.364 as a sophomore.

Erin Weber (Class of 2018)

Joe and Erin Weber, Boyer Valley Basketball

Pictured: Twin siblings, Joe and Erin Weber, of Boyer Valley High School. 

The all-time leading scorer in Boyer Valley girl’s basketball history, Weber went over 1,200 career points while leading the Bulldogs in scoring for four straight seasons.

Joe Weber (Class of 2018)

Joe could do it all. And just when you thought he was done doing it all, he did even more. Like, he decided to go out for baseball in his senior season when his future was already decided. I love that kind of stuff. He’s a competitor. Oh – and he also is the all-time leading scorer – like his twin sister – in BV history. He finished his career with 1,835 points, but he also had 447 assists and 222 steals. In his football senior year, he threw for 1805, rushed for 374 and had 42 total touchdowns. He also ran cross country, mid-distance to distance in track and – as mentioned – played baseball in his senior year.


Reed Block (2015) and Calvan Wood (2015) were really good players on both sides of the ball in football while Conlan Petersen (2019), Block and Brian Steele (2012) were solid contributors in baseball.

Ella Meyer, Boyer Valley

On the girl’s side, Ella Meyer (2018) had a strong career in volleyball and basketball while Katie O’Day (2017), Lara Laubscher (2016), Brooke Hast (2016), Alyssa Behrendt (2015), Katie Cogdill (2014), Ann Bunten (2015), Rachel Coenen (2012) and Jessie Kroll (2011) were a big piece of all that volleyball success during the decade.

In hoops, Chelsey Fundermann (2019) and Cathryn Klein (2018) were solid contributors, and Mallory Mitchell (2011), Holly Brock (2014), Brittany Shumate (2018), Lindsey Anderson (2018) and Nicole Behrendt (2020) have been softball standouts.

Also of note, Grant Kenkel was an individual qualifier for the state golf tournament this past spring.


Unless Joe Weber makes a move in the next 24 hours, it looks like Ashli Dunham is going to be the public’s pick. I can see why with the numbers she put up during her career. However, as mentioned, it’s hard to pick a 2010 class member since most of their production and contribution came in the previous decade. I’m not saying I disagree with you all, but I will say….

It’s very difficult for me to end that rundown of athletes that were in the poll, spout out all those numbers and all those attributes and ignore the dude that is Joe Weber. He was outstanding in everything that he did, and he wasn’t just an individual athlete. He lifted up his teammates with great veracity. I’m not saying others didn’t, but Weber was something else.

Anyway, I also think we need to pay some mind to Anna Puck. She never averaged three or four kills per set, and she didn’t score in double figures often. However, she was really, really elite at what she did – dig the volleyball, distribute and steal the basketball and hit the dang softball. She was also a solid golfer for some good teams. I think she might be among the most underrated all-around athletes of the decade anywhere.



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